**Before you continue, I will assume that you know who Winry is, and if you don’t, it’s your choice to read ahead.  I will keep the major spoilers for all of my posts saved for the end, and I will warn everyone before I reveal anything.  Thank you!**

My first real post!  I figured that I should do something I feel strongly about, from one of my favorite animes of all time.  Well, two, I guess.  Before I get any questions, I love both the original Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  I DO have a favorite, but I will explain that a different time.  It’s already an idea I have.

For this, I will be using mostly examples from Brotherhood, but I will include some from the original.  I got both sides, don’t you worry.  I know there are some very strong feelings against one or the other, but like I said, that’s for another time.

Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. She is NOT, by any means, a fanservice character

I don’t care how busty she is, that’s not her fault, and she certainly doesn’t try to show it off.  Some may argue that she is because of what she wears while she is working on automail.  Sure, you can see her stomach, but who really cares?  She’s working on metal ALL DAY, don’t you think she’s going to get warm?  I certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing pants and anything other than a tank top.  Anyway, Ed doesn’t seem to care all that much, so why should you criticize her?  If there are no nosebleeds from a male character, I never really consider a female character fanservice.

When she isn’t working on automail, her outfit really isn’t revealing at all.  I mean, her shoulders are showing when she’s wearing her tank top, but again, who cares?  She’s a pretty teenage girl who works on metal all day, I think she’s allowed to wear what she wants.

I know this point really doesn’t have much to do with how she’s awesome, but I was searching for a picture for her on Pinterest for a drawing reference (yes, I draw.  It sucks, but I don’t care), and one of the possible tags was labeled “fanservice.”  I don’t know how often this appears, but I know this bothered me when I saw it.  I had to explain my reasons why at some point.

2. She’s not helpless

I know this is the cliche point made for “strong female characters,” but with Winry it’s different. She’s not afraid to cry for or in front of people she loves.  I think that’s one of the strongest things a person can do.  Though I can’t remember the exact quote, I remember her saying something to Ed about how upset she was that he never cried.  She explained that the reason she cries is for him.  She’s always scared that one day, him and Al won’t return.  It’s a heavy thing for her to carry all the time.  She waits at her house in Resembool, but she’s sitting there, worrying for them.  At multiple moments in Brotherhood, she has said “I hate waiting.”  It’s clear how annoyed she is with not being able to help them more.  But no matter how hard she tries, Ed just won’t let her come.  He’s worried that she will get hurt if she comes.

Despite this, at one point in Brotherhood, she does convince him to let her come on their journey in Briggs.  That was an awesome couple of episodes, I have to say.  For anyone who hasn’t watched Brotherhood, I won’t tell you when or what happens, but it’s definitely one of my favorite parts.  For people who have already watched it, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Part 2 will come the day after tomorrow.  Thank you for reading so far!

**This was my very first real post, so go easy on me.  I had no idea what I was doing**