Now I feel like a real part of the blogging community.  When I saw this nomination in my notifications, I lit up.  I’ve been having a rough couple of months between taking a college class with a notorious professor, dealing with a moody cat, struggling with my anxiety, and just being plain tired.  Thank you to those of you who continue to support me and my blog.

Rules for the Nomination

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Give a brief history on your blog and how it started
  • Give two tips to new bloggers
  • Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers

I was nominated by The Maniacal Book Unicorn, who does some awesome spoiler-free book and manga reviews, and has been very supportive of my blog as I’ve been going through this journey.  Please check them out, they are very nice and awesome!

As the rules of the nomination states, I will be giving a little bit of history on my blog, advice for other bloggers, and nominations for other bloggers.

About my Blog

If any of you have been here since the beginning, you’ll know some of this already.  This a fairly new blog, considering I started it sometime during May this year.  It didn’t do well at all in the beginning.  I made a couple posts, but after that, I didn’t have a computer to write my posts on until September.  After that, I wrote up My Top 5 Animes and became a little bit more recognized.  Even now, I’m by no means popular, but I’m having a ton of fun getting involved in the blogging community.

I started this blog because honestly, I wanted to get my opinions out there and see who else agrees or disagrees with me.  I used to do some roleplaying a couple years ago, but I fell out of that, and this was my next idea to get my ideas across.  And though I never thought anyone would like my opinions, all of you who are following me have proved me dead wrong.  There may only be 14 of you, but you all mean the world to me.  After posting My Top 5 Animes, I checked my computer every half hour it seemed like, and there was no response at all.

I felt discouraged.  I felt like I wasted my time pouring my soul into the post.  That might just be my self-esteem hating on me, but I almost wanted to quit immediately.  I didn’t think that there was any way I could get even one or two followers.  Turns out, I was missing a very important thing in my post, which I will explain in the next section of this post.

Tips for Those Getting Started

  1. Don’t give up when you don’t get views immediately

I thought that I wasn’t good enough to capture the attention of anime lover initially.  Fortunately, AnimeGirlsNYC saved me when I was thinking this.  They noticed my post and commented on it, and I instantly felt better.  After that, I kept going with my blog and kept trying new things to get more recognition and more people involved.  It also helped that I began finding new blogs and read their posts.  When they saw me on their blog, they came to mine.  And in the end, it doesn’t matter how many people see your words on their screen.  It matters that you’re confident in your ideas and you have fun writing it.

2. Tags, categories, and pictures will save your blog

If you look back to my first post of content, Why Winry Rockbell is Awesome, there’s no pictures, and until a month ago, there were no tags on it either.  And on all of my other posts, I included tags and categories.  Use these to your advantage.  Tags help because when you go to the “reader” view and type a topic in, all posts with that tag in it will appear.  You’ll get discovered more easily and you’ll discover friends much more easily.  Categories make your blog more organized and pretty.  And pictures: they just make it seem more professional and nice to look at.  Using these things will make a world of difference in the appearance and traffic of your website.


I don’t have a ton of close blogging friends, so I’ll just include as many as I can.  And I’m sorry if you’ve already been nominated, as I’m sure some of you have been, since you’ve been here longer than me.

  1. Anime Girls NYC
  2. Manga Corner Blog
  3. Karandi
  4. Little Anime Blog
  5. Uphill Battle With Kim
  6. Plain Pasta and Plain Rice
  7. Toritsuka Manga

I’ll let all nominees know about this, don’t worry.

Thank you again to The Maniacal Book Unicorn for nominating me for this.  You’ve been one of my biggest inspirations to continue doing this.  Your comments make me happy every time I see them and I feel as if I don’t give you enough recognition.  Words can’t describe how grateful I am!