Right off the bat: this show surprised me, as it did many other people as well. I figured it would just be another show I’d watch on the side, nothing I really cared too much about. But I found myself anticipating the next episode every week. The music is great, the art is beautiful, the characters are lovable. Not much to dislike here. Oh, and it’s set in a kingdom, with princes as some of the main characters, which is my one weakness.

I knew from the beginning I would at least enjoy it, but not love it as much as I do. The characters each have their strengths, and their problems. No character is overpowered with positive traits. I won’t go in depth, since this is something heavily talked about in the show and I’d rather not spoil it for others.

Heine Wittgenstein is the royal tutor, a small common man who is granted the honor of teaching four princes. He has a mysterious air about him, causing the princes to want to learn more about him. And yes, we do get to see why he’s at the palace in the first place, how he was able to teach them, and all of that.

Then we have the von Glanzreich princes. There are five in total, though the eldest is not present during

heine and cake
Left to Right: Bruno, Leonhardt, Heine, Kai, and Licht

majority of the show. The princes we see are Kai (17), Bruno (16), Leonhardt (15), and Licht (14). The one I relate to and overall like the most is Kai, which surprised me. He doesn’t seem likable in the beginning but through Heine’s teachings he begins to realize his strengths and weaknesses, making him grow as a person and potential heir to the throne.

It is so hard to not spoil this show, since most of the things I loved about it are major plot points. I guess to put it vaguely, my favorite part of the show is the relationships between the characters. There is a ton of development with all of the main cast throughout this short, twelve episode show. They all get to grow in different ways because they interact with each other.

When going into this show, I guessed it would be a silly comedy, with a few life lessons scattered in there, but I would probably forget about it a week after I finished it. It did not end up that way. I looked forward to every new episode, and since I’ve finished it I’ve reflected on some of the things that happened in it. Mostly I just have had the ending song stuck in my head, which makes me think about it.

As stated previously, the art and music are fantastic. The opening threw me off a bit at first, but it grew on me fairly quickly. And the sequence is the perfect combination of serious moments and silly moments, which truly describes what type of show you’ll be watching. The ending song is even better, it gets stuck in my head all the time. The background music is nice as well, even if I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. There was a lot of soft kaipiano in serious moments, and some more upbeat, cheery music during lighthearted and silly moments. As would be expected.

The art is not the type I would immediately be impressed with, since it has that “pretty boy” look, but I think it really works with the type of show it is. It somewhat reminds me of the Ouran High School Host Club art style. It somewhat makes sense, considering both shows are mostly comedy with some deeper themes running throughout the shows.

Something I love about this show is the way it does this balancing act of being silly and being serious. Most episodes begin as an introduction to what the princes will be doing for the day, then they have some conversation, full of ridiculous faces and prodding at gosh dang iteach other, they then go about what the topic of the episode will be, one prince will have some sort of problem, Heine discusses it with them, and then they learn what they must work on. Most of these are not exactly problems, but simple flaws the princes must realize they have to become stronger as a person and potential ruler.

The princes really seem like hopeless, spoiled kids in the first episode, but they become so endearing and I found myself rooting for every one of them. They are relatable in a way I didn’t expect.

Overall, I adored this show and I’m so glad I was able to watch it as it was released. I’m aware it’s been a while since it concluded, but I watched it on Funimation, and it was only dubbed, which I’m fine with. I will only say a small bit about the acting. I only recognized about four actors throughout the entire show, which was nice. It’s rare to see new talent, since the company has so many actors on staff already. And I’ll have to say they did a phenomenal job of conveying the emotions of these boys.

Also, are you impressed I actually talked about a seasonal anime? I know it’s summer time, but the dub concluded only two weeks ago, so really I was on time.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I said something about this on Twitter but I thought I’d heine looks so doneclarify. I meant to post this the 28th, the day after I came home from my vacation, but I was exhausted and had a friend over that day and didn’t have time to both finish the show and finish the post. So I’d decided Saturday. Well, I finished it Saturday night at like 2:30 am, and I thought it was all good to go. But Sunday morning I tried posting it from my phone and it showed none of the progress from the night before. So I checked on my laptop, and yep, all deleted. And I’ve been working and my dad wanted to hang out for a bit since I hadn’t seen him for a week, so I just hadn’t had time. Hopefully this version was better than the previous one anyway.

Something I wrote on my first draft was the anime I’m currently watching, since I’ve never informed anybody on what I’m watching.

  • My Hero Academia (Currently on Episode 28)
  • Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (On Episode 12, will be posting about on Friday)
  • Black Butler: Book of Circus
  • Haikyuu!! (Thank you OWLS for recommending, I’m thoroughly enjoying this one)
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

And I’m thinking I’ll be watching these soon

  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Free! Eternal Summer (I watched season one two years ago and just never watched season two)
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Mob Psycho 100

I really should put a list somewhere so I can update it and such when I finish anime so you guys will know. I’ll see about fixing that soon.

The next post will definitely be done by Friday this time. I have most of it done already, so it’ll be just finishing, plugging in pictures, and editing.

Thank you for being patient with me, I need to stop procrastinating.

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