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Review: No. 6 — 11/25/2017

Review: No. 6

I’m not entirely sure where to start on this one. I guess I’ll begin with how I came to hear of this show. A few different things convinced me to check it out. I have a few mangas that advertised it, so there was that. Then I saw some fanart I’d mistaken for Noragami fanart floating around, so I was a bit curious. Then I heard some people get annoyed with the popularity of Yuri on Ice competing with this for a reason I will soon explain.

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[OWLS Blog Tour: Diplomacy] Is Violence a Solution?: Yona of the Dawn — 11/17/2017

[OWLS Blog Tour: Diplomacy] Is Violence a Solution?: Yona of the Dawn

This month’s word is “diplomacy.” When given the topic, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write about something this month, as most shows I watch don’t tend to have something like this as the focus. At first, I considered talking about the lack of diplomacy in Tokyo Ghoul, but I was beat to the topic. Then I thought through the anime I was currently watching and this lovely show came to mind.

I’ve only seen twelve episodes of Yona of the Dawn, but I think I have just enough information to make this post work. So bear with me, those who have seen all of it or have even read the manga.

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Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos! — 11/10/2017

Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

If you follow my Twitter, I’m sure you saw some updates this past weekend on the con I went to in Detroit, Youmacon. It was my fourth year going, but it was the first time I was able to go all three days, since I now have no high school or college on Fridays. And of course, I wanted to cosplay. The first day, I used my Princess Mononoke cosplay, which I’ve posted about before. The other two days, I used the Tobio Kageyama cosplay I just bought a couple weeks ago. And on that Saturday, I found out about a Haikyu!! photoshoot that was happening, which I ended up attending.

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A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga? — 11/03/2017

A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga?

I had the pleasure of seeing the A Silent Voice movie at a theater near my house on October 23rd. Now, I’ve read the manga twice, and I’ve written two posts based around the manga. Is it surprising you there’s a third post now?

The question here is whether the movie or manga experience is better. So, here’s my opinion on that. If you don’t know anything about A Silent Voice, I’d suggest you read my first post on it, where I describe the premise of the story.

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