I’ve done a list of LGBT+ comics on Webtoons mainly, but there are plenty of comics I love that don’t necessarily fall into that spectrum. So, here’s just a few of the mass of webcomics I read. I’ll almost definitely do another one of these.

Also, all three of these have absolutely gorgeous art, and I will most definitely be gushing about all of it.

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur


This was one of my very first webtoons, recommended to me by a friend, along with the second comic on my list. I’d say it’s honestly my favorite Webtoon, but my favorite web comic overall is Heartstopper, which I talked about in LGBT+ Representation in Comics.

This comic follows twin witches, Dani and Dorian, who have been enrolled in a magic school, but end up missing the bus. Hence the title of the comic. But this small event ends up spiraling into a mess of problems among witches and those who are unable to use magic. The twins’ parents aren’t all what they thought they were. The twins are being pressured into choosing between their parents’ ways or finding their own place in this world and abandoning their family.

Along with this, the twins meet a princess, Monica, who finds that the prince she’d been engaged to her whole life has been captured and imprisoned. When she’s travelling to find her prince, she finds the twins, and they agree to help her in finding him.

That’s the very basic premise of this story. So much more happens, all that I can’t even think of how to explain without revealing much of the plot. What seemed like a cute little adventure story about little witch siblings turns into a snowball of confusion, trouble, and war. And though sometimes it physically hurts me to read it and watch them handle such big problems, when the oldest main character is only roughly my age, I still love it the most out of all the Webtoons I’ve read.

I wish I could go more in depth as to why I like this comic so much, but I’m assuming you’ve never read it, so I just can’t.

I will go on to say that I love the artist’s style. It has sort of a vintage feel to it, but also like a 90’s anime feel as well. Or something reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. I follow her on Instagram just to see more art in that style. And it’s all just so beautiful.

And she’s so good at making lovable, relatable characters. I believe all of it is written and drawn by her alone, since no other name appears to show otherwise. That is incredible. The comic appeared on Webtoon in 2015, and since then, 128 chapters, or episodes as Webtoons calls them, have been released. At least at the point of me writing this. By the time I post this, there will be 129. All of this content, well-written characters, a complex, but still easy to follow plot, and plenty of twists and more than enough feels. I cannot express how much I love this comic. I would love to go on, but I have two more beautiful comics to showcase.

Space Boy by Stephen McCranie

space boy cover

Another one of my first Webtoons, and one I have almost just as much dedication to as Hooky. They’re two completely different comics, though, so I shouldn’t compare them. And I understand that some people would prefer this one over Hooky, due to genres, and that’s totally okay. Exactly the reason why I’m talking about more than one comic here.


This one is a sci-fi comic, taking place in a time where humans are inhabiting other planets and launching missions that take generations to reach their destination. There’s something deeper to that, but I’ll let you find out specifics for yourself.

The story follows a high school girl, Amy. She lived on a mining planet, where her studies focused solely on math and science so she would eventually become a miner like everyone else on her planet. Until her father gets let go, and her family must travel back to Earth to find a better life. Which takes 30 years. She must leave her friends behind, and become cryogenically frozen for 30 years until she reaches her new home.

She has to adapt to the new environment, and the new time period. She has to learn subjects with students younger than her due to the lack of focus on them on her own planet.

It’s difficult, but she makes her way and finds friends. One of which is a strangely distant boy named Oliver. Nobody knows anything about him. He wanders around the school’s campus, only to show up to his art class, but hardly anybody acknowledges his existence. Due to Amy’s overwhelming curiosity, she approaches him and ends up befriending him.

Much of the story is revolved around their growing relationship and why Oliver seems to be so distant from other people. It’s a pretty complex plot as well, taking a lot of twists I didn’t expect in the beginning.

Lumine by Emma Krogell


This comic caught my eye due to the art style. I love the way it’s colored and it is reminiscent of anime. The characters just look so cute, so of course I decided to read it.

In this world, there are witches, and also werewolves. It’s a very modern sort of world, unlike the one in Hooky.

The story follows a young werewolf, Lumine, who ends up being kicked out of his old home, and he wanders around, getting into fights, until he can find someone to take him in. He meets a witch his age, Kody, and desperately tries to become friends with him so he will have someplace to live. Eventually, Kody’s father does agree to keep Lumine in their home, as long as Lumine acts as Kody’s bodyguard.

Lumine follows Kody to school, but sits outside of the classes since he’s not a student. He meets some of the people Kody knows, and learns that Kody is not treated kindly. He has a special power that is unlike most witches’ powers, so the other witches at his school pick on him. Lumine is trying to investigate who is doing this, and why they would want to bully Kody.

This story is beyond cute, but the bullying aspect is something that is very reminiscent of our society. People who have something just slightly different about them get teased and it’s sad to watch. Nobody should be attacked for something they cannot control. That’s what this webcomic is really about.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and let me know if you want to see more Webtoon recommendations! I have plenty of them, and I’ll be limiting each list to only three, as I think that’s a good amount and allows me enough room to talk about each to their extent. Of course, any LGBT+ comics will be limited to those lists, but everything else will be in these.

I tried to limit these to somewhat popular webtoons, but ones that weren’t plastered all over the main page. I’ve read only a few Discover comics, one I’m putting on the LGBT+ list, and the others aren’t far enough along for me to write about.

Hope you enjoyed this list!

All photos shown are not mine, I am only showcasing the art of the artists as a means of explaining my points. Please don’t sue me.



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