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I’ve been on WordPress since May of last year, but I only became active in September and October of last year. After that, my blog fell into a rut for a while until I joined the wonderful team at OWLS, and my blog has been flourishing since! I now have 100 followers, and honestly, I never thought I would get to this point. When I started it, I assumed nobody would ever want to read my nonsense ramblings, but I guess there are a hundred of you.

As recommended by Venus on Twitter, I will be highlighting my most well-received posts as well as my favorite posts I’ve written on this blog. And I think at the end I’ll include some facts about myself that maybe you didn’t know!

I’ll do most popular posts first!

  1. [OWLS Blog Tour: Treasure] Accepting Yourself Is Not Easy (A Silent Voice)


My top post as of now is the September blog tour post from OWLS, and I believe it fully deserves the spot as number one. I poured a lot of emotion into that post, and every time I read it again, I feel confident in my abilities as a writer. I included a piece of my very personal experiences with mental illness, mainly the panic attacks I had quite frequently starting about two years ago. I related to the characters in the manga I was focusing on due to their experiences with very similar conditions. And I feel that everything discussed in the manga deserves to be focused on. So, this post let me explain the most important concepts in my favorite manga!

2. Unique Blogger Award


For some reason these award posts get a lot of recognition. But in all honestly, the most time I might spend on one is about two hours. And that’s a stretch. Majority of my posts take me three hours plus. I make sure I include appropriate pictures and pieces of whatever anime or other form of media I’m discussing. I also edit at least twice. These, I just answer a few questions, plop in a couple pictures, maybe scroll through it, and then off it goes. But you guys love them. I want to know why, please let me know if you have a guess!

3. A Silent Voice: Movie or Manga?


Wow, you guys like A Silent Voice. Not that I’m complaining, I just think it’s kind of funny. It’s my favorite manga, so I have no problem talking about it, and I actually want to do another post on it. But this post I was wary about when I posted it. I had to make sure it was all done before I left for a convention, so I rushed a bit, and I felt like I wanted to rewrite parts of it, but it seems like it was okay. Since I posted it, it’s grown on me.

4. [OWLS Blog Tour: “Dreamers”] Nobody Wants to be Forgotten: Noragami


Another OWLS post! I love OWLS so much, and every post I do for the group is so satisfying! This one was especially fun, but it probably took me a good five hours to finish. As most OWLS posts do. I consider them deeply before I get very far in writing it. I think about it constantly, and then I start writing it fully. From there, I look through the Internet about that anime and see if any detail catches my eye. Usually this is done while looking for images. But I think something I liked a lot about this post was that I got to dig deep into the real meaning of Yato, something I had never considered before writing the post. I felt I learned a lot just from writing it, and that’s something incredible.

5. The Liebster Award


Oh, look, another award post. I think this one holds more weight. It was the last post I wrote before going into my two month long hiatus. Due to my sudden bout of depression and lack of motivation of any kind. I struggled to finish any sort of assignment or study for that whole time. I read a lot and I slept a lot, but besides that I was just lost. When I finally broke that was when I joined OWLS. I didn’t think a little anime blogging group would save me, but it did. It gave me reason to pursue my passion again. I don’t mean to get dark, but I think all of my readers should know this. I wrote about it on our OWLS About page, but I know not everyone reads that.

Now, for more happy topics! My favorite posts I’ve written that didn’t get a lot of likes. I think I’ll just leave a list for you to go off and read them, since this post is long and I want to get to some more stuff.

Review: No. 6

Youmacon 2017 Cosplay Photos!

LGBT+ Representation in Comics

[OWLS Blog Tour: “TEAM”] Crona Gorgon: Soul Eater

Ten Animes With Beautiful Art


Some facts about myself you might not know!

  • I have been vegetarian since I was two years old, have no idea why, but it’s just been something I’ve lived with my whole life. It gives me some problems sometimes, but I’m working it out.
  • I have a bit of an obsession with posters. I bought three at the last con I went to, and I think I have over ten on my walls at the moment. But I have more just sitting around or that have been passed on to my brothers.
  • I’m writing a novel set in medieval times, and I will eventually open a Patreon to fund my writing, both of the novel and a connected modern series of short writings.
  • I’ve lived in the same county in Michigan my whole seventeen years of existence.
  • I want to be an high school teacher, focusing in English and history (more world history than American)
  • I’m asexual, but I’m still working out specifics. Not really worried much about it yet though.
  • My birthday is December 22nd, when I’ll turn 18, and I happen to share my birthday with Lita from Lita Kino Anime Corner!
  • I am obsessed with cats, like I have cat-print pants, socks, and a pillow, and I have three cat plushes, along with an 8 year old cat named Eve I rescued from a shelter when I was in seventh-grade.
  • The number one thing on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights.


Well, now you know my entire life. I hope you enjoyed this 100 follower post! I started writing this before I reached that, but by the time I’m finishing it, I have 104. Little bit late, but I’m still posting it during my 30 Day Anime Challenge, which is insane with my OWLS post coming up too and my finals being this week, and on top of that I’m trying to write my novel and a fanfiction that got more popular than I expected. So I’m just writing like crazy these days!

See you tomorrow for Day Seven of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, and Friday for my OWLS post!

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