I’ve hit one week of doing this! It’s been hard for me to keep this up since I had a final this week and I had two other large posts to do this week as well, but I’ve done it.

Today’s prompt:

Your Anime Crush

If I were to list them all, you’d be here for hours because I then would have to gush about them.

I didn’t really acknowledge any characters I liked as “crushes” until recently, because in real life that seems like such a distant thing to me. I can count on one hand the number I’ve had and majority were friends of mine.

But, I now know that when my heart swells seeing a character, that means I’ve got a crush on them. So there are a lot. But I’ll just talk about one, my very first one.

I’m sure by the end of this month you’re going to get sick of me talking about Ouran High School Host Club, but I’m going to keep bringing it up anyway. I love every bit of that anime and I always will.


The very first character I had a crush on was Tamaki Suoh, and while watching the show again for my OWLS post tomorrow, I realized I still very much have a crush on this character.

I love him so much because he seems like he’s just a flirtatious idiot who’s oblivious to everything, which he is, but he’s also one of the kindest hearts ever. He cares so much about the club he runs and he always wants to make sure everyone attending it is happy. His whole goal in life is to make other people happy. Seeing others happy makes him happy and I have to say that’s one of the purest goals in life to have.

He’s also very pretty, which is always a plus

I like so many other characters, but I think I make that clear in other posts, so I’ll spare you that. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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