I thought I would get this out a lot earlier, but I had a Christmas party, so here I am again, barely making it within the day’s span.

Today’s prompt is

Anime You Can Rewatch and it Never Gets Old

If I’m being honest, the answer to this will always be Ouran High School Host Club. Always. No matter how many times I rewatch my favorite episode, I find more reasons to love it, and I end up noticing small details that didn’t jump out to me before. It’s so strange to me that I still find enjoyment in watching this even after watching every episode at least three times now. And some have been watched like ten or more times. But I still hold onto it and it never loses its charm. It’s still in my top favorite anime, and I wonder if it’ll ever be bumped out of that position.


Other shows that could be included in this would be My Hero Academia (I’ve watched the second to last episode like three times now, it’s so good), Soul Eater, FMA:B, Yuri on Ice (again I’ve watched some episodes like four times now, just because), and I’m sure there are a few others. I can’t really rewatch all that much, with my ever-expanding to-watch list. But sometimes I’ll throw something on and do laundry or something, dubbed of course, so that limits my options as well.

But the ultimate rewatch show is Ouran for me. It’s my go-to, it always lifts me up and brings a smile to my face.

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