I don’t really have anything to say in the intro of this one, so I’ll just go straight into the prompt this time.

Favorite Supporting Female Character

This is a hard one, much like the male version of this prompt. So, I’m gonna cheat as always and both give multiple answers, and give one answer that’s just because I cosplay.

One of the upcoming cosplays I’m planning is Jirou Kyouka from My Hero Academia, or Earphone Jack if you’re using her hero name. I was never very aware of her character until I was going through the list of characters to pick one for cosplaying. My friend is going as Bakugou, and I figured since I love this show a lot, I’d choose a character from it too. So, I chose Jirou, because I like her design and honestly it’s rare for anyone to see me without headphones in at any given time, so it fits. That, and I think her quirk is kind of cool. She’s also rarely cosplayed, so I want to contribute to showing her some recognition.


She’s not a major character, so that works for this prompt. As for other female supporting roles I like: Kiki from Snow White with the Red Hair, Minako from Yuri on Ice, and Kofuku from Noragami. I went through my list of anime I’ve finished, and I realized there isn’t a whole lot of anime that had decent female support roles, so I think the list ends there. There are good female lead roles in those anime titles, but not so much supporting roles.

Well, there’s another day completed!

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