Hopefully I’ll be back on track for this challenge, and I apologize for missing a few days. Things were a bit more busy than I expected.

Today’s Prompt:

Favorite Goofy Anime Character

I’m gonna cheat a little bit again, and just go with a recent anime that I watched. An anime I’m itching to talk about, but everyone is talking about it in the blogging community, so I’m waiting to write anything about it.

I’m going with Koiwai from Recovery of an MMO Junkie. He included even more comedic moments to the show, even when it already was fairly humorous to begin with. Plus, a lot of the story couldn’t have existed without his pushing the main characters forward. I initially thought I wouldn’t like him, but he ended up being a great supporting character.


It was just so funny to see him listen to how Sakurai was talking about Morioka and get all giddy about it, then kinda push the two along through different means.

Ah, it’s so hard to really talk about this show without giving things away! But, I bottomline, I really liked what Koiwai brought to the show, and he really made it all flow well. He was a comic relief character, but with a purpose, and that’s an amazing feat.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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