Gosh, I was an idiot to choose December for this challenge. There was no way I could keep up with these daily prompts with the holidays happening. But I’ll still do all 30 of the prompts by the 30th of this month. I just had to give myself some slack in it. So, here are the past three prompts all on one day.

Day 24

Moment That Shocked You the Most in Any Anime

Probably just the entirety of Yuri!!! on Ice. I’ve talked about this show way too much during this challenge, but in all honesty, I had no expectations going into the show. I actually held it off for months before giving it a try. I thought all of the hype around it was too much, and it didn’t deserve any of it. I was sure it wasn’t going to be worth giving it a try.


And then I watched it and loved it within the first six minutes. And it kept shocking me through every episode. I got so into it. Something I thought I would hate.

So, yeah, I can’t really pick one moment in it, but the whole show was a shock to me. It ended up being so much more than just another sports anime, something I never thought I would be interested in. And then Haikyuu!! came along as well, but that’s a different story.

Day 25

Saddest Anime Death

It’s ridiculous that this happened to be Christmas’s prompt. It gave another excuse to not do this on the day it was supposed to be. Thinking about fictional death on Christmas is just depressing.

We’re gonna go all the way back to the first animes I watched. I think this was maybe number six or seven. Fullmetal Alchemist. This may not be the saddest, but it’s one that I will always remember. It was the first time I genuinely cried over an anime. I got upset at the end of the first arc Sword Art Online, but this one rocked me harder.


And it’s kind of obvious, but when Hughes died, I was so distressed. I was sitting in my room, and I had to watch the next episode to see if it was just a mistake, or what. And when they held the funeral, I was gone. I started crying and it’s just a moment I’ll remember for a long time to come. He was a really cool minor character, and there were plenty of other characters that I would have rather been in that spot.

Day 26

Best Anime Fight

MY HERO ACADEMIA. I think this show has some of the best fights I’ve ever seen. I know I gave best overall to Noragami, and I won’t take that back. I get lost during fight scenes a lot of the time, as I mentioned in the Noragami post. But these always keep me engaged. Even the kids with some weird quirks that you would think would be useless in a battle find a way to engage in an interesting way. And again, I’ve talked about this show too much, I know.


My favorite battle overall is the Todoroki vs. Deku one, and that may just be because I’m a pretty intense TodoDeku shipper, but the fight itself is really beautiful in animation, and emotional. I was rewatching it with my brothers for the first time since the dub aired initially, and I found so many more reasons why everyone likes that fight so much. I remember being in awe of it when I first watched it, but seeing it again made me realize more amazing, unique things about it.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s just a stand-out scene, and I think it deserves the title as “the best,” at least while I’m super into My Hero Academia.

Three prompts in one, never thought that would happen. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

I should have a longer post out tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m juggling ideas at the moment, so I’m not sure if it’ll work out. I meant to have it out last Friday, but it was my birthday and I just forgot about it.

This upcoming Friday will be an end of the year post, and my last post for the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Exciting stuff!

Also, I’ll be tweaking my website soon for the new year: changing my home page, and working with the categories a bit. I’m excited to make things fresh again.

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