I watched this show over the course of a week, which I haven’t done in months. I had such a hard time pacing myself, and clearly I failed at it anyway. Just by that, I’m saying it was amazing and an easy binge.

When I first saw the announcement for this show, I was horribly skeptical. The title didn’t catch me. There have been multiple gaming-centric anime titles recently, and none caught my eye, so this one was no different.

It was only when I kept seeing stills and clips from the show pop up on my Twitter feed that I became intrigued. And then our OWLS group chat mentioned it, so I was convinced at that point that it was worth something to watch it. I don’t regret the decision at all. I do wish I paced myself a bit better, since almost all shows I’ve binged have been forgotten.

Maybe this post will help it remain memorable, and I really do think it is memorable.

Rather than doing a full-out review on this, I’m just going to discuss some pieces that stuck out to me that were interesting to see.


I have hardly seen anime that show adults as the main characters. Besides Yuri on Ice and Fullmetal Alchemist, I can’t think of any offhand. And this makes sense, since I’ve just turned eighteen, so the younger characters will appeal to me more than characters 20+ years old. So, watching a romance about adults was a bit strange, but incredibly enjoyable. The ages also worked for the story.

The female lead, Morioka Moriko, is 30, and the male lead, Sakurai Yuta, is 28. Morioka becomes a NEET, someone who has quit their job voluntarily, very early on in the show, but Sakurai is currently employed.

Different Interests

Morioka basically throws away her life to become a gamer of an MMO fantasy RPG, which would not seem respectable by most people’s standards. She uses her saved earnings from her previous job to purchase points going towards in-game items, and her other daily needs. Yes, eventually, this will run out. But she seemed to hate her job. This MMO playing may be her break from working for a brief period, though whether it’s just a break or permanent is never answered. I hope she will look into taking on a new job later, something she may have more interest in. She loves gaming and meeting new people that way, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. I’ll get into this more in a second.


Though Sakurai has a job, he goes on the same MMO when he gets home from work, and this also is his way of socializing. He does have a friend from work, Koiwai, but the bonds he makes in the game are just as real as his real-life friend. It’s revealed in a later episode that he doesn’t like to be lonely, but he likes to be alone. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it makes a lot of sense, really. He doesn’t like in-person interaction, but he doesn’t want to be without interaction either. By making friends online, he can sit in his room, alone, but still have companionship. And I personally understand this a lot.

I’ve made a lot of friends online, and I have a group of friends I see at school and hang out with on occasion. But I’m an introvert, and that means that constant interaction with others will physically drain me. A day I spend at home and text someone doesn’t make me feel tired at all, but hanging out with friends all day makes me feel exhausted by the time I get home. And I think the same goes for both Morioka and Sakurai. I don’t know if that’s exactly what the anime is trying to explain, but that’s what I see in it.

The Wingman Actually Works

As I mentioned before, this is partially a romance. And I’ve only mentioned two main characters, so you can guess that the point is for them to come together, and that would be correct. But, I also said that they both are not keen on interaction, and would never come together normally. Well, they bumped into each other one day, which acquainted them. And from there, Koiwai, Sakurai’s friend, ended up meeting Morioka as well. From there, he found that Sakurai was interested in her, and then he went on to find ways to get them to meet in person again.


Two ways were Koiwai telling Morioka a wrong day for them to go on a date, then after work Sakurai found her and took her out instead. And then he told both of them to meet him in the park, but he didn’t show up.

When Koiwai was initially introduced, I thought I wouldn’t like him. But he ended up being pretty much the sole reason the plot got to move forward. He was an important character, and he also provided some more comedy to the show.

Extra Stuff

This was one of the best romance anime I’ve watched. And I went through a huge phase where I found every romance/slice of life I could get my hands on. The only others that could compete were maybe Tsukigakirei and Snow White with the Red Hair, just because they stood out above the other romance anime I’ve seen. So this one is definitely up there on the list.

It was also fun to watch the scenes that took place in the MMO world, since I used to, many years ago, play World of Warcraft. And I could see a lot of things I could remember from playing.

Watching this anime also convinced me to start going through my Steam list and start playing some games I bought months ago but forgot about.

That isn’t really related to the show itself, but it sure has that effect on you.

This was a little different from a lot of posts, but it worked for me better than doing a review, since this is a huge anime to review right now.

I had a different post in the works, but I realized it was falling flat, so I’m scrapping that. And this was the only thing in my drafts that I could do. But it turned out alright, I think.

Hope you enjoyed this! And I’ll have another long post ready for Friday!