I’m almost done with this challenge! Exciting!

But I’m going to screw myself over very soon because I’m doing the 30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge once I finish the series. I have twenty episodes left, but I love the show so much, it’s not going to be long before I embark on another challenge.

Anyway, onto this challenge’s prompt for Day 27.

(I also apologize in advance that the images were just taken of my copy of the manga with my phone. I tried finding at least halfway decent anime stills and there was nothing, and it’s too late for me to dig any further.)

Most Badass Scene from Any Anime Character

Alright, so the flaw with this challenge is that some of the prompts seem a bit repetitive. I feel like I answered this one in both Most Epic Scene and Best Fight Scene, but I have come up with another answer for this. It kind of breaks the rule because I really want to talk about a manga, but the scene is in the anime as well, just treated a bit differently.

Many of you may know my love for Fruits Basket, and the reason I’m even bringing this anime up here is because the manga is sitting next to me as I write this. But there’s a scene that I love that was not done justice in the anime, and makes for a pretty badass scene, let me just say.


In the last few episodes, it’s revealed that the reason Kyo wears his black and white bracelet is to keep himself from turning into his “true form” which resembles a grotesque monster. Later in the episode, his bracelet ends up off his wrist, and he transforms, running off from the people of the Sohma house and hiding in the forest nearby.

That’s where the similarities of this scene in the anime and manga stop. Now, I’m switching to what happens in the manga. Really, I want to talk about this scene because of how Tohru reacts to the situation.

In the manga, she almost immediately runs after Kyo. Initially, she is scared of his grotesque form, but she knows that she wants to help him. He tries violently to convince her to leave him, but she remains right there, explaining how much she cares about him. He’s convinced himself that nothing good will come with the two of them knowing each other, but Tohru doesn’t think that way at all, and calms him down until she’s able to bring him back to the house.


Why did I pick this scene? Well, Tohru was pretty brave to ignore her initial shock and fear to help him out. He even raked a pretty nasty gash in her shoulder, but she just bore through it to make sure he was okay. She was determined to help him understand that she didn’t care if he looked like that, because he is someone she cares about a lot.

Yeah, this might not have been the scene you’d expect, but it was what came to mind quickly. And I still love the scene a lot. I think it really shows the type of person Tohru is, and how unconditionally kind and patient she is. I have intense respect for her, since I am not either of those things.

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