This challenge is almost over, and it’s going to be a bit strange to go back to only posting once a week. I’ve learned a lot doing this challenge, which I think I’ll discuss on the last post.

Anime You Wish Was Real

I’m going to take this question as what anime world you’d want to live in. And I’ve had this answer determined for a long time, but again I have multiple answers for this.

For one, I’ve always been interested in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the protagonists, but just the idea of alchemy existing is super cool. The time period is also fascinating, as it takes place in a time similar to World War Two, and again, though I wouldn’t want to live through the war that is waging during the show, I like some of the other parts of that moment of history. Even though the world is actually different from ours and the time periods don’t quite match up.

Central City from FMA

The other one would actually be Yuri on Ice. Just because it seems like their world is the same as ours, but the acceptance of people in romantic relationships regardless of gender or race is much greater. If there was one thing I could wish for in this world to change, it would be for the acceptance of other people to be much higher than it is. I’ve seen such insensitive, judgmental people in the short time I’ve lived, and it pains me every time I see it. I personally have been questioning a lot of my preferences in relationships, though I still don’t have a strong desire to be in one. But regardless, I know that if I were to choose something other than the opposite gender, I would be terrified to tell anybody. Nobody should have to go through that, and that’s something that has been eliminated in the Yuri on Ice version of our world.

That was a long answer for a simple question, but I hope you enjoyed this post anyway.

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