I’m starting with the heavy stuff to move onto the lighter stuff.

I wouldn’t say this was an awful year, but I wouldn’t say it was great either. I went through 2 major depression periods, which sucked a lot. But blogging has been a salvation for me.

I talked about this in my “about me” on the OWLS page, but I think I need to reiterate this. It’s so important to me.

OWLS logo

The OWLS group saved me. And my blog. When I went through my first depression, it was during the end of my winter semester this year, through half of March, all of April, and part of May. Halfway through May was when I joined OWLS officially. I’d submitted my application in April I think, but I’d been so down, I forgot about it. Then I got another email reminding me, and I joined. I got to talking with the group, got excited about my first post in June, and within a couple days, my depression seemed to be cured.

I did well from there until probably November or so. Then hit another bout of no motivation, lack of excitement for anything, and I just was sad, living day to day without accomplishing much of anything. This probably started the week after Youmacon. I started spending too much time on my phone, barely getting my assignments done, and just feeling awful about myself.

I’m over it now, and have been since my college classes ended. I’ve been fairly productive recently. I’ve gotten blogging done, and have even been working on fanfictions. I’m reading the books I’ve had for months, and working my way through my anime list. Still have yet to clean and organize my room, but I’m getting there.

I’m hoping this upcoming semester won’t do what the past two have, but with my luck, it’ll hit me again. The constant support I have from OWLS will always help me, though. This time around, it didn’t hit as hard, since I had these people to lean on. If I needed something, I could just talk to them. And they always make me feel better!

Along with them making me feel welcome always, just being a member of the group made my follower count skyrocket. That made me feel better about my blogging, and it’s made me more passionate about keeping it running!

Now for the fun stuff. What have I watched in 2017?

New Shows

  • The Royal Tutor
  • ReLIFE (dub)
  • Orange (dub)
  • Tsukigakirei
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie
  • My Hero Academia S2
  • Attack on Titan S2
  • Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic
  • A Silent Voice
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride

2016 and older

  • My Hero Academia S1
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • No. 6
  • Prince of Stride: Alternative
  • Black Butler (S1 & Book of Circus)
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • (From here on I’m currently watching)
  • Yona of the Dawn
  • Servamp
  • Haikyuu!!
  • RWBY
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • March Comes in Like a Lion S1

Dropped This Year

  • Seraph of the End
  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan
  • Steins; Gate
  • Free! Eternal Summer

I feel like I could have watched more, but this is a pretty decent list I think. And for the ones I dropped, I know there are fans of all four of those shows, they just weren’t anything I was really into. I want to retry The Heroic Legend of Arslan, but subbed, since I think it was the names of the kingdoms that was throwing me off. I enjoyed it otherwise, but I just had a hard time following it.

My favorite anime of 2017 was definitely season two of My Hero Academia. But one that still stands out to me that almost nobody discussed was The Royal Tutor. It was such a fun show, and I wish more people watched it. Orange was the most impacting show of this year, even though I think the subbed finished in 2016. I watched the dub, which finished this year, so I’m counting it. I would say March Comes in like a Lion, but I haven’t seen any of season 2 yet, so technically it’s still 2016’s anime. And I got to see my first anime movies in theater! Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic in June, and A Silent Voice in October!

Other stuff!

I lost my first job just days after I’d been working there for a year, but found a new job less than two months later. And then that job finished for me yesterday, since I was only a seasonal worker. Next year will be another job hunt.


I went to Youmacon 2017 and made friends! Mainly at the Haikyuu!! photoshoot I attended, and I’m following them on Instagram now, which is cool. And three of them are going to the con I’m attending in January, so I’m hoping I’ll see them again!

I turned eighteen on December 22nd, and for my birthday my mom preordered the Yuri!!! on Ice limited edition Blu-ray, which was amazing, and I couldn’t stop smiling for like ten minutes after she told me.

I still have yet to finish the novel I’ve been working on for over a year, but I’ve been busy with fanfics and blogging.

I finished my first blogging challenge yesterday, the 30 Day Anime Challenge, and when I finish watching Haikyuu!!, I want to do the 30 day challenge for that as well!

I found out I’m most likely asexual this year, after a rather terrifying experience back in March. Which I’d rather not discuss, but nothing too drastic happened, so don’t be too worried. It’s just a long story that frustrates me. I’m still working through romantic preference, but I’m not in any hurry to label myself too harshly.

my flag

I’ve overall just become a nicer, more accepting person this year. I made so many decisions that make me feel better about myself, and make me seem like a more approachable person. When I was close-minded last year, this year I’ve become so open-minded, and I think maybe now I give people too much of a chance. But, maybe I can fix that in 2018!

Thank you all for being with me through this year, it’s been wild, both in blogging and in real life. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this up through next year, and make more strides.

Here’s to more wonderful anime to come, and fun of blogging!