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An Analysis of Voltron’s Cast (Part One) — 01/30/2018

An Analysis of Voltron’s Cast (Part One)

I said during my 30 Day Anime Challenge back in December that I had a post in mind for this show, and here it is. I really like doing character analysis posts, since I think about this stuff a lot, but they take a lot more time to write than a review. Hence why there’s a real lack of them on my blog.

You should be able to read this post as long as you have an idea of what the show is about, and I won’t be giving any sort of summary to save on length.

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My Thoughts On: The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Ep 1-12) — 01/28/2018

My Thoughts On: The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Ep 1-12)

I. Love. This. Show. I heard about it for the first time back in July during OWLS tour on “Mirrors,” or self-image. Arria discussed The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga, and how the two main characters see themselves and each other. From the minute I read the post, I was excited to learn that there would be an anime about it!

You should check her post out too, here!

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Understanding the Grief of War: In This Corner of the World and Grave of the Fireflies — 01/23/2018
My Thoughts On: Haikyu!! Season 2 — 01/20/2018

My Thoughts On: Haikyu!! Season 2

I’ll start this out by apologizing for being late in posting this. I had most of it ready on Thursday, but I ended up not finishing it up and I was going to make my last changes yesterday, but I spent the time I would have worked on this getting my hair done, so it had to be postponed until today.

Apologies over.

In the months I’ve been watching this anime, I’ve learned some things. For one, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about volleyball, and I could hold an intellectual discussion on the sport with no problems. Another thing is, it’s one of those shows that is hard to like in a casual way. I thought I’d only like it a little bit, but even from those first couple episodes, I realized that would not be the case. It doesn’t help that the fanbase is huge and very much active.

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Review: SERVAMP — 01/16/2018


Hello! Welcome to my very first Tuesday post. If you weren’t aware, I’ll be changing my posting schedule from once a week on Friday, to twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of posts I wanted to do just going with once a week, since by the time I’d get to it, I would have already come up with something else to do.

But enough of that, on to the review.

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[OWLS Blog Tour: Revival] A Second Chance at Youth: ReLIFE — 01/12/2018

[OWLS Blog Tour: Revival] A Second Chance at Youth: ReLIFE

We’re in our second year of OWLS now, and this is my seventh contribution to our blog tours!

If you aren’t aware, OWLS is a group of anibloggers and vloggers who do monthly blog tours on topics of deeper meaning. We’re accepting of all people, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or upbringing. And we work to make important topics in our society known through writing and talking about anime and pop culture.

OWLS logo

This month we’re focusing on the topic of “revival,” or the change of a character whether it be for better or for worse.

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More on Diplomacy in Yona of the Dawn — 01/11/2018
The Mystery Blogger Award! — 01/07/2018

The Mystery Blogger Award!

Wow, awards are in abundance now, aren’t they? I was nominated for this award the same day I posted my second Blogger Recognition Award post. So, I don’t know if I’ll really be nominating anyone, since I nominated in that one and it takes a very long time to go through and let everyone know.

But, here is my post for the Mystery Blogger Award I was nominated for by King Dylbag. Thank you so much for nominating me, and I’ve been noticing you lurking around in my recent posts, so thank you for that as well!

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Another Blogger Recognition Award — 01/05/2018