I was nominated for this award way back in the first few months of my blog’s existence, and I got nominated for this award a second time a few days ago by Mel from Mel in Anime Land. 

Thank you Mel for nominating me, and I’m excited to do this post again over a year after the first one!

Rules for Nomination

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Give the story or history of your blog
  3. Give 2+ pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers
  5. Leave a comment on your nominations’ blogs to let them know and give a link to your post

The History of my Blog

So, it actually helps me a lot that I had another nomination for this award over a year ago, because I’m going to talk about the time between then and now. I wrote that post back when I was a new blogger myself. I’d only been actively writing posts for a couple months, even though I made my blog back in May of 2016. It really started in about September of 2016, and I wrote that post in December of 2016.

Back in December of 2016, I had 14 whole followers, and they meant everything to me. I finally felt like I was writing for a reason. When I started out, I thought there was something wrong with my writing when I didn’t immediately get feedback. It was hard to be patient. I slowly gained my small following, and held onto that. If I had that, I felt confident in my writing.


Now, I’m much more comfortable in writing for this blog. I have 113 followers. If I looked at my blog now back when I first was nominated for this award, I wouldn’t have believed that it was actually my blog. I never thought that people would want to read what I had to say. What started as insecurity and anxiety over whether my post would be read even once, has evolved into an understanding of what I enjoy writing, and what others also like to read. I feel like my blog is successful, and I truly enjoy keeping it now. I don’t worry about putting posts out anymore.

I know this wasn’t the explanation of starting my blog, but I wrote about that in my first nomination, which you can read here.

My Tips for New Bloggers

My first recommendation for anyone starting out is to write what you enjoy, and be patient. Tag your posts, spread it on social media, whatever you feel will make it noticed, but be patient. You won’t be noticed immediately. It just doesn’t happen that way. I went through that self-doubt of questioning if my time was even worth it. But things will pick up eventually.


My second piece is to never overwhelm yourself. Even if you said you’d have a strict schedule, don’t force yourself to write anything. Write when you have time, and when you know you won’t get frustrated. If you aren’t satisfied with your writing, there’s no point in stressing yourself out worried that others won’t like it too. I know there have been posts I churned out just because I told myself I had to, and I ended in hating them and hating the lack of interaction with them. It ruins your self-esteem and that’s not what blogging is about. It’s about having fun and sharing what you love.


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I meant to have a full post for today, but I’m running dry in the idea department. The one I planned will take a while to finish, and I hadn’t finished any anime this week, so I was glad to have this to fall back on. Next Friday I will have my OWLS post out, and maybe I’ll have a post on Yona of the Dawn on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoyed this post!