I’ll start this out by apologizing for being late in posting this. I had most of it ready on Thursday, but I ended up not finishing it up and I was going to make my last changes yesterday, but I spent the time I would have worked on this getting my hair done, so it had to be postponed until today.

Apologies over.

In the months I’ve been watching this anime, I’ve learned some things. For one, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about volleyball, and I could hold an intellectual discussion on the sport with no problems. Another thing is, it’s one of those shows that is hard to like in a casual way. I thought I’d only like it a little bit, but even from those first couple episodes, I realized that would not be the case. It doesn’t help that the fanbase is huge and very much active.

It doesn’t help that I decided to cosplay as Kageyama for Youmacon at the beginning of November and on the 27th of January, I’ll be cosplaying as Kenma. I’ve never wanted to cosplay as multiple characters from a show, but because of this, I have.

I’m in so deep and I still have ten episodes and a manga to catch up on.

This is all totally OWLS’s fault, by the way. I love you guys, but this has gotten out of hand and I can only blame you. I would’ve never watched it otherwise.

I’ll move onto more specific things I enjoyed about this show, though.

Match Lengths

A common anime trope is a battle/match/arc that lasts far longer than it should. It’s why I can’t stand Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Dragon Ball Z. But, Haikyuu!! manages to barely do this. Most matches last at the most an episode and a half to two episode. There’s the exception of the Karasuno v. Seijoh matches, which lasted three-five episodes. But, I give that a pass just because those are a big deal, and both teams need to show their desire to win equally.


Even when the matches last longer than they should, they stay engaging through showing pieces of past events with some characters. It’s not very logical to have a flashback like that in the middle of a match for that long, but I think they make the matches much more interesting than a real one, and keep the show entertaining.

All of the Lovable Characters

I thought I loved the characters in season one, but we get to see even more characters in season two. New teams and new friends for the Karasuno boys, which makes me so excited. In particular, we get to see Fukurodani for a bit, which I adore all of the interaction they have with other teams. The only other new team that stands out a lot besides Fukurodani was Johzenji, just because they were so unpredicatable and it was rough for Karasuno to really figure out what to do against them.


But even the teams that are only in one episode can still be memorable. I generally don’t remember their name, but I can remember how tough they were or who their captain was, or something like that. And with most, I felt bad that they lost because they worked really hard in the past, or they had never won a big match and the third-years would never get to feel that achievement (this one makes me want to sob).

It’s also just insane how easy it is to get attached to characters not on the main team and who show up for only a few episodes.


Like, right now, my favorite character is Kenma. He’s barely even in the show most of the time. But let me tell you, every time his face is shown, I get super excited and a lot of the time I yell his name in excitement. Yes, I love all the Karasuno boys, trust me, I do, but there are so many other characters that are cool and I wish I could see more of.

Why is Everything Shippable??

When I was watching season one, I could see where people would pair some characters together, but I only had a few I really liked. Now, any time I see art of a pairing that I never really considered, I kinda shrug and say, “Fair enough.” I do this every time, no joke. Majority of pairings make some sense, no matter how obscure they are and I’m in awe of that. Most of the time, I don’t really stray from my main ones, but there are others that have nice fanart and make enough sense to me that it almost convinces me that it would be good.


And the coolest part about this: no ship wars. No major ones, anyway. I’ve seen little disagreements, but nothing ever gets out of hand. Everyone I’ve seen so far is very understanding with each other. And that just makes me love the fanbase even more.

I only say that this is different from other fanbases because I’m an active member of the My Hero Academia fanbase and the Voltron:LD fanbase, and there’s almost constant disagreement when it comes to who should be paired with who. Haikyuu!! isn’t like that, probably because majority of the cast is male, so there’s none of that “Oh, but this character wouldn’t be gay” or whatever. Cause if you’re going to ship characters in this anime, they all would have to be (or another variant of sexuality with male in the spectrum), and everyone just goes with it.


If you’re curious, these are my major ships:

KageHina, TsukiYama, DaiSuga, IwaOi, BokuAka, KuroKen

And here are my minor ships:

AsaNoya, LevYaku, KenHina, any combination of Kuroo/Tsukki/Bokuto, Kiyoko/Yachi, Takeda/Ukai (I couldn’t remember some of the ship names lol)

I think that’s it for pairings, I can’t really think of any others I really like.

Season Two Overall

I enjoyed this season more than the last one, because Karasuno just learned so much from losing at the end of season one. (Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but I’m assuming you’ve seen season one if you’re reading this) It thoroughly pained me to see that they lost, especially because of the tension between Kageyama and Hinata afterward.And it was even worse seeing them fighting for almost the whole first half of season two. It was hard for me to watch their constant violence toward each other, just because they blamed themselves and each other for losing that match. It did end up leading to their cooperation to become even better than before, and then the rest of the team followed their example.


I loved the whole training arc in Tokyo, seeing all of the teams interacting with each other and helping each other out with their rough spots. It was really enjoyable, and it’s probably my favorite part of the show so far.

I really love this show a lot, as you can see with my two posts on it so far. And, I will have a third for season three, I’m sure of it. I’m also thinking about doing another one that’s more character based, since I haven’t focused that closely on characters yet. And I’ll be posting more pictures of my Kenma cosplay on my Twitter and Instagram, though I already put a test photo in this post. I most likely won’t make a whole post on this upcoming con, since I’m only attending Saturday and I’m not sure how much I’ll do while I’m there. But cosplay photos on my other social media is a 100% yes. You can find my social media on the bottom of my site.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll have a new one up on Tuesday, much more grim and serious than this one, though.