That name sparks different emotions in different people, no pun intended. Some love him, and even more hate him. I began wondering why, exactly, this is. I didn’t ever exactly hate him. I couldn’t understand him, and he was a bit overwhelming, but I never felt actual hatred for this character. Not like another character I know (freaking Mineta I swear).

Personally, I began to absolutely love Bakugou in season 2. I’m not entirely sure why, but at some point while watching, I became obsessed with him. And now that I’m reading the manga, I’m finding even more reasons to like him. Which is why it makes me so sad when I see people hating on him. I know how he appears on the surface, but if you dig down, he’s not a bad kid.

**Before I start really delving into this topic, I wrote this post way back in October, but I tried looking at the stats for it on my phone, and my most recent progress had been deleted. So if this all sounds familiar, you’re not going crazy. I really was proud of this post, so I decided to finally redo and reupload it. I’ve also done a lot more analyzing on his character since then, so I may bring up different points than last time.**

Let’s start with saying that I entirely acknowledge that he’s a huge jerk. There’s no way to deny it. He just is. But I still love him for some reason?

In my opinion, I feel that he’s not exactly intending to be a jerk. He seems to struggle with showing any sort of emotion besides anger. There have been some scenes where he looks like he’s about to show a normal emotion, but just narrows his eyebrows and yells again. It’s like he’s forcing himself to be angry. It can’t be healthy in the slightest.

This may have something to do with his born power. As a child, he was admired for his explosive quirk, and everyone knew he had a ton of potential. If we look at flashbacks, he is clearly the leader of his little group of “friends.” The others see him as above them, and I think this really messed him up later in life. It gave him a huge ego, and an image to uphold. If he wasn’t showing how great he was, then people would be disappointed in him, right?

He’s told himself that he has to be number one. He’s been told how great his power is, so what else could he possibly be? If he’s not the best, what’s the point in even having the power and potential?

Screenshot (187)

Personally, I can understand this to a degree. When I was in elementary and middle school, I excelled in all of my classes. My classmates knew this, I knew this, everyone knew it. Every year, the kids in my class would deem one male and one female student as the “smartest,” and every year it was me and one of the two or three guys who had been deemed above average. I too got this idea in my head that I’d always have that title. That I’d never have to struggle in my classes because I had been “the best” for so long. Then high school/college hits, and all of a sudden I have to study? And I’m maybe the tenth smartest kid in my classes. I was bumped down so much, and that really hit me. I had to work a lot harder to get that A I wanted. But being so used to skating by easy had made me believe I didn’t have to work as hard everyone else.

I’ve learned now that it’s okay that I struggle with my classes sometimes, and that it’s okay if I take longer to learn material than before.

Back to the main topic here, though, Bakugou has a hard time with that. Other students who are also praised for their ability and intelligence are now in a sort of competition with him, and he’s not used to that. That’s why we see him isolating himself as well, because he sees everyone else as a threat. He’s rash toward them because he doesn’t know what they could do to his ascend to the top.

Episode 25 (Todoroki vs. Bakugou)

If you’ve seen this episode, you may have an idea of what I’m going to talk about. This fight was the deciding factor of whether Todoroki or Bakugou would win the sports festival. Honestly, I feel both deserve it in their own rights. Todoroki is insanely talented, and he grew so much during the few last episodes of the festival *wipes tear*. But I’m not talking about him today. (That may be a different post, who knows; he’s become my favorite rather than Bakugou in the time since I wrote this post originally.)

Screenshot (200)

Bakugou. Alright. So, yeah, it was a bit ridiculous how he reacted to his winning. But I get where he’s coming from. He reacts in the way he does because he didn’t win due to his strength. Todoroki had been knocked out because he still refused to use his left side, so Bakugou didn’t feel like it was a true victory. He wanted a fair match, where both of them used the full extent of their strength, so he could see if he really was the best out of everyone. It’s understandable to be upset about that. He felt like he wasn’t good enough to fight against. It was an outright insult in his eyes. I also don’t feel like any of us should look at the medal ceremony scene as being humorous. When I initially saw it, I wasn’t thinking hard about why it was happening, so I laughed at it. Now, I see that scene and I feel horrible about ever finding that funny.

But really I get where it is he’s coming from. He worked hard to do well in the tournament, made it to the top two, then wins only because his competitor was scared of using his true strength. He wasn’t able to show his full potential because Todoroki couldn’t. Which is in no way Todoroki’s fault, I understand his side too. But I feel everyone does. Bakugou is another story. He’s hard to understand. He’s never able to show other emotion besides anger. He doesn’t feel like he’s showing other people he’s good enough. And that’s frustrating to him. The way he goes about it is wrong, but we need to see things from his point of view.

Episode 37 (Katsuki Bakugou: Origin)

I’ve got to say, this is my favorite episode.  It’s the second to last of season two, and it’s just stuck with me this whole time. I think I’ve watched it three times now. And, I’ll be spoiling majority of it in this section. Because, come on, his name is the title of the episode, how could I not bring it up in this post?

The basis of the episode is the final exam. The class was broken up into teams of two, and then were paired up with one of the pro heroes. And, of course, to make things difficult, Bakugou was paired with Izuku. Automatically, I knew it would be an interesting episode, seeing how they’ve had problems throughout the whole show with interacting with each other.

In typical Bakugou fashion, he refuses to work nicely with Izuku. Instead, he punches him, and yells at him that he can do this on his own. Izuku, that precious child, tries to reason with him, and attempts to form a plan. And he just ignores him and again tries to do it on his own. So Izuku just punches him back, and they eventually are able to discuss a plan. It’s an interesting scene, but everything does end up working.

Screenshot (202)

So what I wanted to talk about here, is that Bakugou manages to get over himself for a little bit to work together with Izuku and pass their exam. He does realize that without teamwork, they both would fail, and it would reflect poorly on himself. They work together to make a plan, and Bakugou even gives Izuku one of his gauntlets to attack All Might from both sides. When they get away, and are heading toward the gate, All Might catches up to them, where they need to make a decision on how to make it out. It would be hard for both to run to the gate with All Might attacking, so Bakugou decides to hold him off while Izuku runs to the gate. And by that I mean he gets knocked unconscious by All Might.

Before Izuku can make it to the gate, he runs back to grab Bakugou and he drags him through the gate.

Now what does this all mean? It seems like the opposite of what I’m trying to prove, right? Even though he does help Izuku, he still calls him names and pushes him around. But at this point, I don’t know if he’s really being malicious about it. Bakugou is selfish, has a one-track mind, and seriously bad tunnel vision. It’s hard for him to see other people as being helpful rather than hurtful to him. But Izuku immensely respects him, which I’ve always found a bit odd. But maybe that’s because Izuku is a sweet flower child, and sees people as the best thing in the world. No, in all seriousness, Bakugou is an impressive kid, he just has trouble with emotions.

So, there’s my little rant about Bakugou. I hope it made sense and maybe made you think a bit about his character. It’s clear that he’s a foil of Izuku (for you not aware, foil is a character who is the opposite of the main character), and that’s what makes him a bit hated. Izuku is very positive, and optimistic. He gives people a chance, or in the case of Bakugou, a whole lot of chances. And Bakugou hates people the minute he meets them if they pose any threat to his success. But I love both of them in different ways. I would do an analysis on Izuku, but he seems to be loved by everyone, so I don’t need to explain myself.

Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry for how long this is.

**I find it funny that those silly descriptions of Izuku I used four months ago still apply now, and I just kept them.**