Hmm, clearly I just finished this show since I posted my season 3 thoughts today…so why am I doing this challenge so soon? Simple. I loved doing the 30 Day Anime Challenge I did back in December, and I knew this challenge also existed, so I figure I’d give it a go. I’ll be hopefully starting a job soon and I know I’ll get a bit stressed from that, and I get hard on myself when I don’t post anything. This is a great way to keep posting and have some fun with of my newfound favorite anime!

Day One: Favorite Character

Those who know me well won’t be surprised about this. It’s Kozume Kenma.


I cosplayed as him in January, and have been not so quiet about my love for him. I even donned my cosplay again earlier today to take a few pics that I posted on my Instagram and Twitter, which both have links at the bottom of my site.

Why do I love Kenma? I’d say it’s for his quiet, observant nature, most likely. He also dyes his hair which is cool, and I can relate to leaving your roots to just grow in and say “screw it, it’s a style.” He’s not super into volleyball, but he stays to help his teammates out, which is really respectable. I would’ve left immediately, but he cares just enough to stay. He also can count the number of friends he has on one hand, but he stays close to them, which is an ideal I live by. He doesn’t like communicating with other people so much either, same as me.

Overall, I think he’s a relatable character, and has respectable qualities as well. He’s also got those cool golden cat-like eyes.

I’ll be highlighting plenty of other favorites in this challenge, I promise it won’t be Kenma every time, though it’ll be hard to avoid. I look forward to doing 29 more of these!