…Oh my god, I’ve gotten myself in trouble from watching this show. I delved into the fandom head-first way back in season one, and now that I’ve finished this show, I think I’ll be depending on it even more. And when I finished it, I didn’t really know what to do with myself anymore. It’s the longest series I’ve finished in a long time, which seems a bit strange since it’s not horribly long. But, with the way I watch anime now, I don’t watch more than two or three episodes of a show at once, so it takes me forever just to get through a 24 or 25 episode series that’s been completed.

Along with it being 60 episodes, much longer than I generally dedicate myself to, it’s also about a sport. One that I’ve never in my life had any interest in, and the one time I played it for PE class in sixth grade, all I did was serve and watch everyone else play. I didn’t think I would find much enjoyment in this show, since the sport didn’t appeal to me, but this show is a lot more than just boys playing volleyball. It’s about teamwork, friendship, and achieving your dreams. And I love every second of it.

As a warning, there’s really no organization in this post. It’s just a spilling of points of this season I liked and disliked, and how I feel about the show as a whole.


In this specific season, the focus is on the match to determine what team will make it to the Spring Tournament, the one event that Karasuno has had their sights on since the beginning. They’re up against the powerhouse team, Shiratorizawa, which Karasuno had been acquainted with beforehand, but never played against. It proves as a real struggle to learn how the other team plays and find what weaknesses they can take advantage of. In every episode of this short ten episode season, the tension and competition is thick in the air. I caught myself holding my breath and clenching my fists on multiple occasions throughout my watch. I know I’ve said this in my previous two posts on this anime, but I really never thought I’d find myself invested in a volleyball game.

What’s really crazy about this season is the fact that the whole thing really only takes place over a couple of hours. It’s a single five-set match for a whole ten episodes, and though that seems a little crazy and horrendously boring, it was the point I became the most invested in the show. Every move mattered, especially since both teams were so good. It’s quite a feat to be able to write something so drawn out, and keep me still invested.


And of course, the character development we get to see is awesome as always. Especially with Tsukishima, who I’d been indifferent to before this season. This season, he really got to show his true colors, and it was just incredible. And the flashback to when the third-years were first-years was one of my favorite scenes. To see how badly Karasuno was suffering with players’ skills and making their team known brought a whole new light as to how important it was for the team to make it to the Spring Tournament. In the past, Karasuno hadn’t been able to make it there, and it’s the third-year’s wish to be able to make it there before they graduate.

I ended up wanting both teams to win, yet again, that’s just how Haikyuu!! is. It gets you with those backstories and even when you’re supposed to be rooting for Karasuno, you just can’t help but want the other team to win. They’ve worked just as hard, and it’s just heartbreaking to see them give it their all just to lose. Especially when they have the same goal as Karasuno. Many teams they’ve faced have revealed that their third-years never made it to that competition, just to have Karasuno beat them, and move on in the current tournament. It sucks that not everyone will get to experience that event. But, that’s just how competition is.

I miss this, one of my favorite episodes

One thing that made me a bit sad was that there weren’t many characters from the other major teams shown. I understand why, but having all of those characters in season two spoiled me, and I missed having such a wide cast. And because of that, I couldn’t see my favorite character, except maybe in a flashback, and at the very, very end. Still, that gives me motivation to rewatch, which is highly likely.

Overall, this show was an excellent watch, and it’s definitely my favorite sport anime so far. Not like I have much to go off, but I’ll say it anyway. So, thank you to my fellow OWLS for bugging me to watch it however many months ago! I would’ve never had the motivation to otherwise.

And, this won’t be the end of my Haikyuu!! posts. I’m sure I’ll use this for OWLS at some point, and I’ll be starting a series today focusing around this show as well! Plus, I’m praying we get a season four now. The way season three ended is too much for me to handle! Maybe I’ll start reading the manga, but we’ll see. I’m not a huge manga reader, but the fanbase can only get me so far.

This post didn’t really have any coherence, I apologize. Most of my big thoughts were in the past two posts, and I just wanted to get a few extra thoughts out. This is probably the most unorganized post I’ve written in a long time.


Get ready for thirty straight days of Haikyuu!! from me! I’m doing the 30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge from now until I finish the challenge! Which means that 100th post will also be approaching me faster. I’m excited for where my blog is headed, and I hope you are too. I hope you enjoyed this post, and will enjoy the bombardment of Haikyuu!! coming your way.