I’m so excited to be doing this challenge, it allows me to gush about everything without clogging up a post about it.

Day Two: Character you First Fell in Love With

Sugawara Koushi. He was my favorite for about half of my watching experience. Then it switched to Kenma. He’s still in my top 5 characters now, but I felt since I related to Kenma, I’d change him to my favorite.


But, I’ll just talk about how much I love Suga for 100 or so words now. Gosh, I love this challenge.

I love how he allows the others to rise above him because he thinks they deserve to. Of course he wants to be on the court, but he sees Kageyama’s talent and won’t keep him from showing it and improving upon it. But, he’s never thinking about the times that he has to take over. If they never come, so be it. But he’ll be there to pick his team up if Kageyama can’t.

He’s also the best at moral support, and is just an overall caring person. He roots for the others before and during the games, and when they’re on the bench with him, he sometimes talks to them to help calm nerves or give advice.

Of course, I noticed much of this as I got further into the series, and I can’t really tell you why I latched onto him so quickly.

Two days down, 28 to go! I hope you guys are enjoying this!

I got distracted looking for a gif and ended up looking through Suga pictures for a good ten minutes, haha.