Do you ever stare at your statistics for a while thinking, “How the heck did this happen”? That’s a thought I have almost every time I look at my stats for this blog. I see how many posts I’ve written, how many individual people spent their precious time looking at my work, how my words have been read on every continent, how many words I’ve typed up for this blog that was a passing thought at one point. It’s completely insane. I started this blog because I didn’t have anyone to tell my thoughts to. I wrote a few entries in a journal and then typed them up into Wattpad, but that went nowhere. I remembered hearing about WordPress and decided it’d be worth a shot. I remember going into this blind, setting up my website for the first time, and having no ideas to fill it with. Now, I’ve hit that “publish” button 100 times now. And every time I did, I second-guessed myself. But I always know that even if my post flops, as a few have in the past, I will still have had fun writing it.

Now that my little reflection of how far I’ve come is done, let’s move onto the fun stuff!

I put up a poll on my Twitter to see what my followers wanted to see in my 100th post, and the answer was fairly clear pretty early on. I’ll be looking at four posts I wrote in my first few months of having this blog.

The way I’ll do this is by showing screenshots of my posts, and highlighting certain points that I want to discuss. This is just to show how I’ve learned as a writer and a blogger, not necessarily to make me feel bad about myself. Improvement is good, and we all have to start from somewhere!

So, without further ado, reactions to my first blog posts. I was harsher on the first two than the other two, just because they were clearly written with no experience.


Why Winry Rockbell is Awesome: 18 views, 2 likes, 4 comments (between 2 posts)

Posted: May 2nd and 4th, 2016

This was my very first post ever. I have no idea why I started with this. And for some reason I split it up into two posts? I was scared to write too much, but in total, this post was about 1,000 words, the length I generally shoot for now.

Screenshot (299)_LI

  • Ever heard of a “read more” tag? Best to put a warning about spoilers, then a read more so those viewing in the reader can determine if they want to click through
  • I don’t put my spoilers in any certain place anymore
  • For some reason I double spaced after my periods? I remember doing that, because my grandma was confusing typewriters with computers and the habit stuck for a while, but I thought I figured out not to do that at this point. 
  • Regarding the last sentence, I did write a debate on both FMA versions, but it wasn’t what I’d had in mind at the time. 


Screenshot (303)_LI

  • What is happening with the alignment in the top left?
  • Why did I use caps lock, exactly? There’s a thing called italics that’ll work much better in that situation. 
  • My readers aren’t going to scream at me because I think Winry is cool, and why am I accusing them of treating her poorly in the first place?


Screenshot (304)

  • What. Is. This. Formatting? Never heard of her, apparently. And there I go again, talking like my readers are going to harass me. 


Screenshot (306)_LI

  • I never did write a post on the pairing of Edward and Winry. I still like them, and I’ve mentioned them, but I generally don’t do posts on singular pairings anyway.
  • I didn’t really understand the point of a comment section. I wanted to ask for suggestions, but really if someone wants to recommend me an anime, they’ll leave a comment of their own accord. I didn’t understand the meaning of being an anime blogger, and that is to discuss anime I’ve watched to encourage others to enjoy the shows I discuss. 


My Top 5 Anime(s): 31 views, 13 likes, 12 comments (between 2 posts)

Posted: September 4th and 9th, 2016

…If you thought that last post was a mess, just wait until you see this. I’m not sure what I was thinking when writing this in all honesty. There aren’t any headers at all, nothing to split anything apart from each other. Just one continuous post. And my little asides make me twist my face.

Screenshot (307)_LI.jpg

  • Oh, god, I sound like a five-year-old. Why should you be proud of me because I didn’t spoil Noragami?
  • Why did I think a summary would have spoilers at all? 
  • That was definitely brief.
  • The summary itself isn’t written badly at least.


Screenshot (308)_LI

  • *groans*
  • I was talking about my favorite Soul Eater character being Maka, and how in middle school my friends deemed that I would have her name as my nickname
  • Good lord, and I used awesome twice in the same sentence
  • That addition at the end just ties it up into a nice little awkward bundle of pain


Screenshot (309)_LI

  • I’ve done way longer “rants” more recently, these early posts are hardly “rants” at all
  • I’d say even now sometimes I only post dependent on my mood, something I should really work on fixing
  • I really predicted the future in this, I’ve written some personal stories on this blog that I would even have a hard time telling to friends
  • Aw, I remember when I did that ending. Not sure why I stopped exactly. I don’t have a signature ending statement anymore


Screenshot (310)_LI.jpg

  • Ah, I remember when I first found out I could add pictures into my posts. It took far too long for me to figure it out, and when I did, I formatted them all like this up until maybe July or August of 2017. One decision I’ll always regret since it messes with the mobile view.
  • I really didn’t know the anime community back then. I knew a lot of people liked FMA, but it would be a while before I learned just how popular it is. Hence why I thought it was so insane for it to be at the top.
  • Bonus: It bothers me I keep writing “animes” since I know now that nobody adds an “s” to the end


Best Manga I’ve Ever Read: 17 views, 8 likes, 12 comments

Posted: September 12, 2016

I used to be very proud of this post, even after I’d been posting for a while. It’s about A Silent Voice, which still is my favorite manga. I don’t read a lot of manga, so I don’t have much to go on, but this manga really impacted me. Let’s see what I had to say about it a year and a half ago.

Screenshot (314)_LI

  • I never did stick to that schedule. My scheduling has always been a struggle. Fridays has always been part of it, but for a while there I was only posting on Fridays, since I thought it’d be too difficult to keep up with two days. Now, I’m trying T/F, and it worked very well for January, but February and March haven’t been good for it. 
  • This blog has always had a lack of manga content. Because I just…don’t read manga that much. I have only two complete series I own: this one and Ouran. I’m collecting the Fruits Basket Collector’s Editions, and what I can of Noragami, and I’m reading what Viz Media has translated of My Hero Academia. I started reading Haikyu!! just yesterday as well. In general, I read webcomics, and some have been featured on this blog: LGBT+ Representation in ComicsWebtoon Recommendations


Screenshot (315)_LI.jpg

  • I’ll never understand why I decided aligning my pictures like this was a good idea. It just makes it hard to read.
  • I also wish I used a different phrase than “deaf person,” since it makes it sound like that’s all Shoko is. 
  • I just overall don’t like how that paragraph is written. It seems choppy, but I guess it gets the point across anyway.


Screenshot (316)_LI

  • (Orange) I don’t understand why I had to stress this so much. I could’ve just said it at the end. It makes no sense to recommend it, talk about something else, then go back to recommending it.
  • (Red) This paragraph again is written a little weird. Though, I think it’s still a very important topic to discuss, bullying affects everyone in some way or another, whether you realize it or not. 
  • I use the word “and” way too much, just in general.


Top 5 Underrated Anime: 48 views, 4 likes, 3 comments

Posted on: October 18, 2016

Before we even start with this one, I realize now that pretty much none of these could be considered “underrated.” What I meant back then was that there wasn’t a visible fanbase to me. I have seen every single one of these actively being discussed in the anime community. I wrote about Snow White with the Red Hair, Death Parade, Love Chunibyou & Other Delusions, Fruits Basket, and Hyouka.

The actual writing of this one isn’t that bad, so I only have two parts to dissect this time.

Screenshot (319)_LI

  • Fruits Basket doesn’t have that big of a cast, at least in the anime. Examples of larger casts would be Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, NANBAKA, and Servamp which I think are more impressive in their diverse character designs, no matter how ridiculous they may be.
  • By my standards, Fruits Basket is considered old: it’s the same age as me. Now, I think mid-90’s and earlier are more “old,” but really I think it all depends on the person. You have to keep in mind I’m 18 with this. I believe it’s still the oldest anime I’ve watched, though I’ve watched older Ghibli movies. 
  • The images at the end kind of make me angry, not sure why though, I thought I being clever or something.

Screenshot (318)_LI

  • I really wanted to include this, since it’s about Hyouka and I recently rewatched this anime for March’s OWLS post, which I’m insanely proud of.
  • This was back when I didn’t watch a ton of subbed anime, I watch way more now, and I rarely miss subtitles. I would tell my past self to watch the dub of this anime, but it didn’t exist then.
  • Ha, “pretty decent soundtrack,” I nearly burst into tears when I heard the first opening again. It’s gorgeous in sound, lyric, and visuals. 
  • I’ll never get over the ending of this anime, and I know there are novels, but I wouldn’t know where to start or where to get them. 
  • Even though I just watched this show again, I can’t remember what episode was so dramatic??
  • The best part about this show is Oreki’s acceptance of friendship, I love it so much
  • Why would I recommend a school life/mystery show to people who don’t like those genres??

The reason I included the views, likes, and comments is to show how different my statistics are now. I don’t have a huge amount of views and likes coming in with every post, but they make me feel much better about my writing than back then.

My most recent review/”my thoughts on” has gotten 18 views, 14 likes, and 7 comments as of writing this. Yes, my underrated anime list got way more views, but very little likes. Also, I generally got about 8 likes if I was lucky back then, now, it’s more like 15-20. My top post has 26 likes I believe, and my jaw dropped when I saw that.

My OWLS post from last week has gotten 43 views, 24 likes, and 12 comments. It’s not at the top, but it’s the post I’m most proud of at the moment. I spent about 11 hours rewatching the show, then a good 20 minutes choosing what notes to use, then a collective 5 hours, probably, writing it. The 5 hours part is normal for an OWLS post. I spend a lot of time thinking about what points I want to bring up, and I often delete whole sections and restart. Sometimes I just stare at my screen, waiting for the words to come to me.

In my early months, I may have spent 2 hours or something pathetic like that writing and plopping pictures in. I didn’t really edit anything, and I just didn’t know what I was doing. There’s a lot more care going into every post I write. I edit it at least twice, and I think carefully about what I want to say. I feel like in the beginning, I was just word vomiting, hoping it would stick.

If you so choose to, you may read these posts for yourself. I won’t ever be going back to fix them, so you can view them in all of their amateur glory.

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Top 5 Underrated Anime

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I’ll hopefully have award posts up over the weekend. I’ve been nominated for two, but haven’t gotten around to writing my posts up for them.