Yesterday’s post got screwed up because I posted my 100th post right before it so it wasn’t visible on the reader, so if you missed that, you can read it here.

This prompt is definitely a difficult one.

Favorite Team

I wish I could just say all of them. The obvious choice is Karasuno, since almost every episode was focused fully on them (with the exception of the Seijoh v. Dateko match). But, I think I’m not going to pick them. I may have said in the previous post that I’m partial to Nekoma, but when it comes to working together and being a good team altogether, I choose Seijoh.


They really impress me every time they play. They manage to include nearly everyone during their games. And they all just seem like they have this great dynamic, even if it sometimes get interrupted. No team is perfect, but I feel like Seijoh is the one closest to that. Karasuno is fantastic, but they have had a ton of bumps in the road to get their flow going. Seijoh already has theirs, even if there are still times when they screw up.

They’re just a really fun team to watch overall, and I think I get the most excited when they’re playing.

Luckily, tomorrow’s prompt will be incredibly easy for me, and may be a little expected considering the characters I’ve talked about so far!