(I had to reupload this because it wasn’t showing up on the mobile reader, but I did write this on the 16th)

I hope you got to check out my 100th post from a little bit ago! It was a lot of work to get through everything I wanted to, and I think it turned out okay. You can read that here.

Favorite Non-Karasuno Character

Well, I already have answered this, twice. Kenma is my favorite, from Nekoma, and Oikawa is also in my top favorites, from Seijoh. And my other favorite two are from Karasuno. Hmm…


I think I’m going with Kuroo Tetsurou for this. I’ve always been more fond of Nekoma in general, and I think that’s just due to their animal being a cat. But, I had this narrowed down to either Kuroo or Iwaizumi, and I determined I liked Kuroo just a teeny bit more.

Why? He always make me laugh, and he’s a great friend to anyone he’s interacting with. He was Kenma’s literal only friend for years until he became friends with Hinata. A while back I found a little post on tumblr about Kuroo, though I can’t find it now. Basically, it talked about how willing Kuroo is to lift other people up, be their friend if they need it, and is just overall a really sweet guy.

That, and he says such dumb things sometimes…which is always a plus.

This was my 101st post, and I still can’t believe that. The challenges helped my number of posts grow quickly, but I wasn’t really thinking of that when I’ve decided on doing both of them. I just think they’re a lot of fun! I’ll have day five up tomorrow.