This prompt is one of the easier ones, besides the favorite character one, at least for me.

Favorite Volleyball Position


Setter. No questions asked. It’s fairly clear majority of my favorite characters are setters: Kenma, Suga, Oikawa, and Kageyama (whom I’ve yet to mention). Overall, I think it’s a position that requires a lot of thought and skill, plus an understanding of how the person you’re setting to will react to it. The actions never look like much, but they can make or break a point sometimes. If the ball isn’t hit by someone, it could fall to the ground, and the other team will get the point. Sometimes it could be on the others, but the setter also could have miscalculated who would hit it, or just set too high, or many other scenarios.

All positions are incredibly important, but I like the fact that on the surface, setting looks like it requires little skill, but really, it just requires more thought than strength.

Tomorrow starts the favorites of each position, which should be quite a bit of fun to do! I’ll try to not repeat myself with characters, since I know that would get boring after a bit.