This one was a bit more difficult for me, but I feel that these are going to start to get more difficult anyway.

Favorite Wing Spiker

For some bizarre reason I totally blanked on who even plays in this position. I guess I never paid that much attention to this specific position, and I’m unsure why. But a quick scroll through the fandom/wikia page brought me to an answer.

He was almost my answer for Day Five, but losing for that post allows me to talk about him here instead! It all works out…


I’m choosing Iwaizumi Hajime for this one, and along with being a wing spiker, he also is the ace for Seijoh. From my understanding, being ace is on the same level of honor as being captain, which heck, he’s vice-captain too. He’s just all-around a really amazing character and player on the team. I probably didn’t pay enough attention to him while watching this anime, but I still think he’s a really cool character.

He’s very passionate about being a strong part of the team, and always looks to keeping everyone at attention and aware of what needs to be done in order to perform their best. He’s caring toward his teammates as well, especially Oikawa, for various reasons. Though a lot of the scenes in which he shows his care are viewed as comedic, he really just says these things because he is worried. And, I think some people may overlook that.

This post ended up being a lot later than I expected, since I fell down a bit of a J-rock rabbit hole in the midst of writing it, haha. I hope it’s still enjoyed anyway, I’m pretty tired as I’m writing this. Tomorrow’s should be out much earlier, along with another longer post I’m excited to share!