Favorite Middle Blocker

I almost feel bad that I still haven’t even mentioned the main character of this whole show in any of these posts, and even here I’m not going to mention him. I’m going to try to highlight each of the characters I have strong feelings for throughout this challenge, it’ll just take a bit to get through all of them with the prompts available. In this case, I just have a character who plays in this position that I like just a little bit better, especially after I finished the third season. And I mentioned him in My Thoughts On: Haikyuu!! Season 3, which was posted last week.


Tsukishima Kei is who I’m choosing as my favorite character in the middle blocker position, and this is purely due to his performance in season three. It blew me away!! He went through so many huge changes from the first season to the third, something that I didn’t really expect at first. I’ve always liked him, but in this season, I really began to appreciate his character.

In the beginning, he didn’t seem so happy to be on the team at all. He didn’t really seem like he was going to leave, but there was no passion in his playing like the others. Something about training in Tokyo sparked something to bring out the passion for this sport that he’d been hiding, and he really showed it in the last moments of season three. He’s one of the characters with the most development throughout the series, and it was incredible to watch him grow as a person and a teammate, and really show what a great middle blocker he is.

I lied yesterday about getting this out early…it’s about 10:30 pm as I write this, and I’m exhausted. Hopefully this trend breaks.