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Favorite Team Captain

I was really on the fence between including Sawamura Daichi or talking about Oikawa Tooru again. Though I really like both, my “favorite” is still Oikawa, and mostly this is because he’s so different in his normal personality and how he acts when he’s being “captain.”

This makes me laugh every time

In general, especially when he’s interacting with Iwaizumi, he acts overdramatic and wants to draw as much unneeded attention to himself as possible. He comes across as carefree and jokes around a lot. When he’s in “captain-mode” nothing matters more than his team doing the best they can, and he’ll hold in his own emotions for the sake of the team.

*Spoiler for end of season two*

When Seijoh loses against Karasuno, every single team member of Seijoh is crying, obviously hurt by their loss after fighting so hard. The only one who isn’t is Oikawa. It isn’t because he doesn’t care, it’s because he does care. He wants to appear to have it all together so the others won’t feel as bad about their loss, but you know for sure that this loss is hurting him the most. Because maybe if he could’ve done something a little different to lead them, they wouldn’t have lost, and maybe they could’ve made it to the Spring Tournament.

This pains me so much 😥

This isn’t to say that Sawamura doesn’t do things that are noble for his team, I just think the way Oikawa feels about being captain is often overlooked in his character descriptions and doesn’t quite do his whole character justice. I see it far too often in fanworks.

I’ll try not to ramble about Oikawa again. He’s not my favorite, but I feel like people don’t know him as well as they should.

I couldn’t get my Friday post out because 1) procrastination 2) I had other things to do 3) I didn’t realize I wasn’t as far into the anime I want to discuss as I thought. It should be out tomorrow.