I apologize for this being late. I was exhausted this week and fell asleep before I was able to write this last night, haha.

Favorite Libero

I don’t know if there are that many characters in the libero position that I even paid attention to. And if I did, I’m unsure if I’d even be able to tell their name. The only ones I know off the top of my head are Nishinoya and Yaku, and I’m gonna have to go with Nishinoya here, since 1) I know much more about him and 2) he’s freaking amazing.


He’s different from majority of characters I tend to like. He’s loud, optimistic, and confident. Which makes him an excellent teammate. He also has those insanely fast reflexes that often save the team from losing points. It’s incredible how he’s able to receive those lightning fast serves, I can’t imagine that kind of force hitting my arms, they’d probably break on impact. Really, I would suck in any position in this game, but that’s not the point here.

Noya isn’t in my very favorite list, but I can definitely appreciate his character and his ability to lift other people up. He’s one of those characters who could be an awesome friend, though possibly annoying at times.

I’ll still have today’s challenge post out later, hopefully along with my Friday post, but I can already see today turning into a hectic one between everything else I also have to do. If the Friday post isn’t out today, I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow.