Favorite Manager

This is most likely the easiest prompt for me. I’ve never been particularly fond of Shimuzu Kiyoko, I’ve never really disliked her, I just felt a lot of her existence was for comedy. As a character separate from that, I think she’s okay. And, I really don’t know much about the managers of the other teams.

I really like the newer Karasuno manager, Hitoka Yachi, who is introduced in the beginning of season two.


She’s kind and determined to learn all she can about volleyball to become a successful manager when Shimuzu graduates. Not to mention, she was the only one to step up and help out Kageyama and Hinata when they were struggling through their classes and needed to up their grades to be allowed to attend the Tokyo training camp.

Yachi isn’t very confident in her skills, and she gets nervous around others, especially around all of those tall volleyball players (I don’t really blame her). Despite those setbacks, she still tries her best to become better and lead the team in the future years. She’s also adorable, which is a plus.