Favorite Uniform

This is an interesting question. Not really sure how I’m going to fill up at least 100 words talking about a uniform but here goes nothing.

I like the Seijoh uniform purely because I love that shade of blue/green. Heck, the sweatshirt I’m wearing right now has lettering in that exact color. And, I’m not sure how to really answer this question beside the colors of the uniforms. They are all, well, uniform, to each other even on other teams. Maybe the lettering on the top is different, but other than that, they’re all the same beside the color.

I’m not a huge fan of orange or red, so automatically both Nekoma and Karasuno were out. I hate yellow with a weirdly strong passion, so Johzenji was definitely out. I think Fukurodani’s uniform is cool, Date Tech as well. And, I didn’t pay enough attention to the other teams’ uniforms to have much opinion. There’s my rundown of colors I like and dislike in the terms of Haikyu!! uniforms, haha.

The second half of this challenge looks like it’ll be a lot harder than the first half, as if that one wasn’t hard enough! I have ideas of how I’ll answer a lot of these, though some I need to think hard about.