Favorite Character Design

I don’t have a single answer for this one. But I do have an answer, at least.

Something I really love about Haikyu!! is that for the most part it sticks to natural hair colors. I don’t have any real problems with anime that use unnatural colored hair, I’d be a hyprocrite if I said that! I dye my hair a bunch of colors!

I just think it’s cool when an anime decides to go the more realistic route when choosing hair colors for the characters. Obviously, this wasn’t really the anime’s doing, but the manga. And I’m impressed every day that there’s only one man behind every character in Haikyu!!

That’s not what I wanted to say, though. The thing that I love the most is that most characters who do have unnatural hair, it’s due to dye. And that’s only confirmed through flashbacks, which we know Haikyu!! is an expert at. What I mean by this is Kenma, Bokuto, Nishinoya, Terushima, Ukai, and Kyotani weren’t born with bi-colored hair like that.

I just find this choice interesting. Not saying it’s particularly a unique idea or choice, but it just adds a little bit of realism that I really like. It adds a little bit of immersion that may not be present in other anime.