Favorite Opening

This one is a little bit difficult: all of the openings are great (besides the second one that one just fell flat for me). Though, I still do have an answer!

I like the fourth opening the most, for a few reasons.

  • My favorite part of the anime is the second part of season two.
  • I love the animation sequence.
  • It’s just a nice upbeat song to get you prepared for what’s about to happen.
  • It was the first Haikyu!! opening that I found on Spotify and started listening to it pretty regularly once I found it.
  • I love the little part at the end where the net spins around. It just looks cool to me.
  • This opening shows majority of the major teams that are focused on in this part of the anime, and I always love when the other teams get some spotlight.

For a while Imagination, the first opening was my favorite, but once I got to the fourth opening, it quickly changed. I still love listening to Imagination, just because it reminds me of when I finally decided I’d watch this show, and it was the start of a new love. I like Fly High! as a song that reminds me of the very best part of the show I love so much. 

I realize tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, but the only thing I’ll be posting is Day Nineteen of this challenge. I, in general, don’t like the day all that much. So, I won’t be doing anything special for it. And I’m just not good at coming up with jokes or lying to other people, even if it’s for fun. I’m a little too serious, but maybe that’s a good thing?