Character That You Relate to the Most

This question is a bit difficult, since I relate to multiple characters for different reasons. The obvious ones would be the characters I’ve cosplayed as: Kenma and Kageyama. When I choose to cosplay, I generally take into account the character’s personality. I’d rather cosplay as someone who has a similar personality to me so it seems almost like I’m already in character. I’m not good at acting, so this is the best way to go for me.


(The one good Kageyama picture I got, I was wearing glasses, and that still bothers me. My wig is so messed up I haven’t been able to make it look like that since. I still don’t know why I have my hand like that in the Kenma pic. Also, I always slant selfies like that who knows why, haha)

There’s no way I can pick only one, so I pick four. I made my own rules for the anime challenge back in December, I’ll do it here as well!

Other than these two characters, I can also relate to Suga and and Asahi. Suga because the fandom has deemed Suga the mom of Karasuno, and in my friend group, I also tend to take the “mom” role, as strange as that is. I relate to Asahi because he often has problems with self-confidence since he messed things up in the past, and this is also a flaw that I have.

Why I chose Kageyama and Kenma specifically to cosplay: I have a few similarities to Kageyama, but I have a few more to Kenma. But some overlap.

Both of them aren’t so great at communication, often concerned they’ll say something awkward and just get nervous around others.

Kageyama also has that resting expression that makes him appear unapproachable, that scares people off before really talking to him. I’ve had personal experience with that, and man it’s annoying. I’ve had someone I’d never talked to later on tell me that they thought I hated them. Just by my expression! And there are a lot of times I’ll have a sour expression without realizing it and my friends will get worried I’m upset, though I’m not. I think Kageyama has similar experiences.

Kenma is more so with the lack of passion toward certain things and not making friends easily. He doesn’t have much desire to attempt to start conversations, and I can definitely relate to that. Unlike Kageyama, I don’t consider myself “the best” in a certain skill, but I do have skill in areas. Kenma may be excellent in his setting skills, but it’s not something he’s confident in. Plus Kenma’s whole aura is just timid and quiet, something I’d been told all throughout middle school, and much of high school and in a job setting as well. I’m also the exact same height as him, and I’ve also dyed my hair; not exactly like him, but it’s still a similarity.

So there’s why I cosplay introverted, awkward characters! It seems to be a pattern…

**Please don’t take any of this as a joke, not sure why you would, but I just get so worried everything I do on April 1st isn’t taken seriously. And I don’t like the “holiday” in general. Don’t expect any sort of joke post from me ever. I’m not good at them and I’d be unhappy with myself while writing it.**