Character That Touched You the Most

I had to think a little bit about this, but I’ll just go with the character I felt the most proud of as the anime went on.

And the character that would be is Yamaguchi Tadashi.


It made me so happy every time he would be brought onto the court to do his pinch serves. Through the few times he’s shown on the court, he grows a lot. At first, he wasn’t confident in his serves, and would get incredibly nervous every time he was put in the game. After some practice and encouragement from the others on the sidelines, he becomes much more confident in himself.

I would hold my breath nearly every time Yamaguchi would start serving. I would clench my fists and stare at the screen in anticipation, hoping that his serves would turn the game around. I became so proud of him when he would stay in the game for longer than the last time, and even when he could only do one or two serves.

The timid self-conscious boy at the beginning of the series is nearly gone by the time season three comes around. It’s so amazing to see him change that much. And he’s just all-around adorable, which is definitely a plus.