Character that Underwent the Most Development

I kind of already explained this in 30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Eight, where I went through Tsukishima’s growth. Though, it’d be a little bit boring if I explain everything all over again.

So, instead, I’ll explain why Hinata Shoyo makes a good protagonist in the way he grows.

He’s also adorable…

I don’t have Hinata in any of my “favorites” and I’m not entirely sure why. He’s a good character, and I tend to like main characters, actually. I think it’s lame to not like a character just because they’re the protagonist. Granted, sometimes the better characters aren’t in the spotlight, but that’s not the point I’m making.

In all technicality, Hinata is probably the one who did develop the most. Going from never being on a team, (we have to be honest here, his middle school team hardly counted) to all of a sudden being on a team full of already talented players. It was hard for him to get on the skill level of the others, and then work together with them. But he did it.

It’s actually insane how much Hinata progresses.  He does a pretty great job adapting. He’s not all that great in certain areas, though. But really, none of them are strong in all aspects. He was at the biggest disadvantage in the beginning, but he was able to get over that and become a player that the other teams talk about.

I hope you saw that my OWLS post went up earlier today! I poured a lot of soul into that, and it would make me immensely happy if you gave it a read! I’m worried it won’t do well because it isn’t anime, and that’s the real drawback of this blog. I named it after anime (I really just wrote the first name that came to mind, hence it’s not all that original) and I’ve blocked myself in a corner. I’ve thought about renaming it, but that would mess a lot of things up.

All I’m really saying is I’d like to write non-anime posts more often, if only I knew people would read them. I went out on a limb with this OWLS post.

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