Character You Think is the Most Underrated

Before I even started this challenge, I knew exactly which character I’d pick for this one. I kind of fell in love with him immediately, and I really don’t know why.

It’s Lev!


He’s a minor character, so it’s understandable that he’d get glossed over, like many of the minor characters I’ve glossed over. But I’ve always liked him from the second he came on screen. I feel bad that he’s so awful at volleyball, but he keeps going with such optimism that it’s honestly impressive.

He’s also a giant, like a whole foot taller than me, and it’d be terrifying to meet him in real life. But he’s adorable in a weird way, and definitely charming. His little meeting with Hinata was hilarious, and in the little bit I’ve read in the manga, his interactions with Kenma are pretty fun as well.

I just love this tall Russian cat.

This one was so short, but that’s because I’ve had this fic WIP for like three weeks now that I want to get done, along with a bonus post for this week! It won’t be up until probably Sunday. I’d originally planned today, but 3 hours of my time was taken with a trip to help my mom start her car, so I couldn’t finish it. I’m excited to post it later, though!