Scene that Hurt You the Most

Why? Why does this have to be a prompt? I knew exactly what scene I’d need to talk about for this, but I had to go back and find exactly what the context was to really write about it. It hurt so bad to watch it again.

Season 2: Episode 5 (Greed), near the end of the episode, around the 17-minute mark.

Hinata asks Kageyama to toss to him, so they can strengthen their freak quick again. After losing to Seijoh during the tournament, their quick had never gone back to normal. They each blamed themselves for the losing point, and in turn, it ruined the partnership they’d built up until this point. Hinata screwed up during a practice match and nearly hurt himself and Asahi in the process. He becomes determined to hit that quick again. But when Kageyama tries to toss to him, he’s not even close to hitting the ball every time.

Kageyama tells him to stop, and to start practicing something smaller and easier to handle. It’d be easier to practice a basic quick and get that down first before going onto something harder again. Hinata isn’t hearing any of it, and is sure if he just keeps going he’ll eventually get it.

This leads to a fight. The worst fight I’ve ever seen them have. Worse than anything they’d experienced even when they were sworn rivals. Yachi witnesses it and tried to break it up, but they just keep going. Kageyama throws Hinata twice, Hinata grabs at Kageyama’s face and screams at him. It’s awful.

Tanaka has to interfere to really break it up, and the aftermath of this lasts for quite a while after.

This scene was the one that nearly brought me to tears. I had become so fond of the trust and friendship Kageyama and Hinata had built up in season one, but that loss shattered everything. It takes a while for it to heal, I think it’s until about midway through season two. This one fight doesn’t even just affect them, but also the team’s performance throughout the whole training arc. The team isn’t as strong without their freak duo, and it really shows.

Even before I knew all of this, this scene was something that really hit me. To get that physical because of a disagreement is awful. Yeah, these two are known to argue, but it’s generally just teasing. Nothing worse than a few prodding words. This could have ended in injury if it went on longer. Their friendship is something I really love seeing evolve throughout the series. To have it derailed so quickly was heartbreaking.

My Haikyu challenge may be a little screwy this week, with 2 standardized tests and orientation for a new job. I’ll try to get them out every day, but I can’t make promises. I apologize in advance if it does end up that way.