Scene You Enjoyed the Most

This one is really hard, but I do have an answer. I love a lot of scenes in this show, exactly the reason why I’ve rewatched some of it already.

The one scene that always makes me happy is the barbeque scene with Karasuno, Nekoma, and Fukurodani. This didn’t shock me at all that this was my pick, since my favorite scene in Yuri!!! on Ice was in episode 10 when all of the finalists had dinner together. Though these people are competitors, there’s no reason they can’t get along and be friends.

I’ve probably watched the barbeque scene three times now, which made it a definite choice for this option.


I love that these kids can hang out and talk without having the thought of competing looming over their heads. They can just be high-schoolers and make some nice memories of their time playing volleyball.

Surprisingly, this scene is hard to talk about. My previous post on the scene that hurt me the most was so easy to write, since I had to much to say about how impactful it was. This one was just sweet and simple. Just some boys eating and talking about whatever they feel like. Friendships that already exist can strengthen and new ones can form. It’s just a funny, relaxing scene that breaks away from the constant tension and anticipation for the big tournament.