**I apologize for taking another day off from this yesterday. It was nearly 10 pm by the time I remembered to this and I wasn’t in the mood to write it.**

Which Position Would You Play?

I shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a volleyball. The last time I did, all rules left my head and I made myself look like an idiot.

I don’t do well in any sort of game involving a ball. When we had gym class in elementary and middle school, if I even attempted to contribute to the game, I’d get the stink eye from a boy who was way too into it, and in the heat of the moment, I’d do something wrong. The only time I ever remember playing volleyball in school, I stayed planted in my spot, would serve when I had to, and purposefully avoided touching the ball.

I never liked playing sports anyway, but my classmates ruined any sort of hope I had to play anything.

So, in the sense of this question, I would prefer not to play at all. I’d want to be the manager, really. I think that’d be fun! I’m just going to say manager counts in this question just so I have an answer at all.

In a perfect world where I actually enjoy participating in sports and am good at it, I’d be the setter. No shock there, really. Or the pinch server like Yamaguchi. It’d be easier to focus on honing one skill rather than many.

The only sport I’ll ever do is dance, or ice skating if I could get good enough. I’m flexible, but I have no strength in my arms. My legs are all I have going for me.

Finally, there are only two left to go! I remember being all optimistic at the beginning of this that I’d get them out every day as promised, but my laziness and other life things got in the way of that. But I’m glad I’ve had something to write every day when I can.