I’ve finally made it to the end of this challenge. Thirty days after posting my review of season three. Roughly.

I’m sort of sad that I won’t be able to babble about my volleyball boys every day anymore. This has been a lot of fun, even if some questions were unfair and others were just hard to answer. It all comes down to this last prompt.

Why Do You Love Haikyu!!?

A lot of reasons. Initially I started it because of a joking threat on the OWLS group chat. Someone, I can’t even remember who it was now, said something along the lines of “You can’t be an OWLS member unless you’ve watched Haikyu!!” Obviously, it’s a joke. But man, if you even mentioned the show in the chat, there was a bombardment of excitement and gifs. I learned that on my first day as an OWLS member. “Don’t say the ‘H word’, everyone will go nuts.”

Everyone in OWLS who doesn’t watch Haikyu is Tsuuki

After hearing it time and time again in the chat and on the monthly livestreams (no matter what the topic was for that month, the focus drifted to the show at one point or another, without fail), I decided it was finally time to sit down and start it. I’d heard about it before, but nothing convinced me to watch it prior to this.

I sat in front of my computer for, no joke, two hours. Staring at the episode list. Mouse hovering over episode one. Two hours.

Why? I was worried I wouldn’t like it. I was also worried that all of the hype I saw from my OWLS friends would not match my emotions while watching.


I don’t like sports in general. At that time, I’d watched a grand total of three sports anime, and really, I should say only two and a half, since I watched only one season of Free!. And the difference with those two I finished was that one was a fictional sport (Prince of Stride) and the other was a sport I already liked (Yuri!!! on Ice). I’d never been interested in volleyball. Why would I watch sixty episodes of a bunch of guys playing it?

Well, I finally got over my fear and watched episode one. I liked it okay. I didn’t get really into the story until about episode three or four. Then new characters were being constantly introduced, and I ended up falling hard for it. It’s the characters that will always get me with this show. There are so many lovable ones, it’s not fair.

I’ve heard others say things about this show being no different from many other sports anime, and that may be true. I don’t have much experience in the genre, so I have no place to say one way or the other.

What I personally like about it is the teamwork and friendship that grows throughout the series. And how losing isn’t really the end of the world. The teams that lose can see their mistakes and practice harder for next time. The characters are also diverse in skill, past experience, and attitude, making for dynamic teams and rivalries. And you don’t even need to like volleyball to enjoy watching it! You’ll learn how everything works, trust me. Just a couple months ago I was able to watch a match at school and follow it perfectly. Before watching this, I would’ve been beyond lost.


In the end, I’ve become just as obsessed as the OWLS members raving about it. Funny that I was so scared initially, huh? Also, at this point, I think I enjoyed it more than Yuri!!! on Ice, overall, which almost seems illegal to say. But we’re pitting 12 episodes up against 60 episodes, where more development and characters are present. It’s not hard to say what wins in that aspect.

Though my love for both will remain strong, you don’t see me doing a challenge on Yuri!!! on Ice, do you?

Haikyu!! is something I always can get excited about watching. The mood of the matches suck me right in. It’s so engaging. I savored every episode and was anxious to watch the next in my watch of it. I took about eight months to complete it, because I just love it so much and I never wanted it to end. I started the manga a bit ago, but I honestly keep forgetting to read it because I don’t read manga all that much in general. I want to read it though.


As of now, this show takes up one of the spots in my top ten. I expect it to remain there for a very long time.

If you want to read more about why I like this show, I spoke more in depth in all three reviews I did on it.

This concludes my 30 day challenge for Haikyu!! I will miss this challenge a lot. It kept me writing, and kept my love for this show strong.

I’ll hopefully have three posts out rather than two this week. I have a rough draft of Tuesday’s done, and the other two require some research, so I’m unsure if they’ll both be complete before the week is over.

Thank you to everyone who stuck with this challenge from beginning to end!