I’m a little behind on this, this post was supposed to go up a long time ago, but I fell into a bit of a rut, so I had to postpone it.

I mostly watched this dubbed, all but the last four episodes. The whole anime is dubbed now, but when I decided to finish it, the dubbing wasn’t complete. The waiting was getting to be too much so I gave up and watched the subbed. Later, I think I’ll watch those episodes dubbed since I plan on rewatching the whole show at some point. I’m awful at watching weekly anime since I forget everything so quickly, so I feel it’ll be a better experience to watch it all more closely together.

I still love this show a lot. It’s in my favorites now. And, I plan on cosplaying as Chise in a little over a month. I have the necklace and ring made, I just need to buy all of the other pieces and put it together!

In my previous post, I talked about animation, music, characters, and the dubbed acting. I don’t think I need to reiterate either the animation or acting, since I feel the same as in my first post. I’m going to start with the music for this cour of the show.

If you missed that post, read it here.

And, here are a couple pretty screencaps I took.

Screenshot (264)Screenshot (277)


The second opening, “You” disappointed me, but I don’t hate it as a song itself. I wish that maybe this would have started as the opening, and then the second opening was “Here,” since this one was just a letdown after the first opening. The visuals were pretty as always, but the song was just not as good.

The ending, though, I liked much better than the previous ending. I just felt it sounded better. I listened to the ending all the way through nearly every time. If I knew the title, I’d add it to a playlist.


Chise and Elias grow both as separate people (?) and as a pair. I’m not sure if I see their relationship as anything romantic, though. Yes, Chise is his bride, I’m aware of that. But even in some of the small scenes where there’s a hug or a kiss, it never felt romantic to me. They certainly have a strong love for one another, especially by the end, but overall it feels more of a mentor-student or parent-child relationship, at least to me. This isn’t because Elias isn’t human. Definitely not. One pairing I’ve loved for years is from Noragami, with Yato and Hiyori. Yato is a god, so clearly there’s a gap in worlds and species there. This isn’t much different in that aspect.


But, unlike that pairing, the way Chise and Elias interact is just different from a relationship of romantic nature. I don’t know if I’m just missing something, or if others agree with me, but I’ve always felt this. They long to be by each other, and it’s outright stated that they love each other. But it was also stated that they look like parent and child, and they act a bit in that sense as well. I see it mainly as a mutual mentorship. Chise teaches Elias all about emotions, and how to act around others, and other traits of being human. Elias teaches Chise all about the magic world, what it means to be a mage, what’s dangerous to her as a Sleigh Beggy, and what she needs to do to get stronger.

Though, I’d love to know what other people think about this. It was intended as a romance, and normally I agree with romantic plots, but this one was just so different from others, so I interpreted it differently.

I’m happy that in the end, they are able to come to an agreement, work through their flaws, and live side by side.

Other characters I enjoyed seeing were Stella, and Cartaphilus/Joseph surprisingly. This is specific to only the second cour. I liked other characters in the first cour, but I described that in my last post.


Stella was exactly what Chise needed. Elias is a great companion for her, but Chise needs something to still connect her to the human world, as well as a female companion. Elias has plenty of connection to the world of fae, but Chise has nothing to connect her to her home world. I thought Stella and her brother would only be there for one arc, but I was glad that Stella remained in the show. She’s a sweet girl, and I think she has a lot to learn from Chise and Chise has a lot to learn from her as well. Chise gets to learn what it’s like to have friends, something she never had in her life in the human world. Chise can teach her about being a mage, and since Chise is a little older, she just has more experience. Not to mention all of the insane things Chise’s gone through. Their friendship is sweet and relaxing to watch.


The last arc with Cartiphilus and Joseph was interesting to me, but I had a bit of a hard time following it. This is most likely because I was watching it subbed rather than dubbed while I was pretty tired. Besides that, I initially hated Cartiphilus, but in this last arc, I felt a little bit of pity toward him. Well, actually I guess it was toward Joseph. It’s a little confusing. Especially in describing it without giving everything away. Cartiphilus was injured, I think, and needed a new body to reside in. A gravedigger, Joseph, took care of him, and Cartiphilus took over his body. They’re sort of fused, I guess. He’s definitely an interesting villain, even if he only made a few large appearances.

Extra Things

I didn’t address this in the previous post, but something I feel might be controversial about this show is the amount of cleavage and skin shown, specifically by Titania and Leanan (the fae who loved the old man). While it is much more than is expected in a show of this nature, I don’t think it was really all that bad. It wasn’t shoved in your face, or really used as a means of fanservice either. It was just, there. The characters that showed this the most were fae, and for all we know, they have different standards of modesty. The smaller fae don’t even wear clothing, after all. Though, I don’t know if it was the best decision in character design, the physics of the breasts moving was a bit distracting, in the fact that it was so unrealistic.


I found the arc (if I can really call it that) where Chise turns into a fox to be a bit bizarre, and rushed. I thought it would take at least a whole episode to resolve the problem, but it only took about five minutes in the beginning for Chise to go back to normal. The power to turn into animals is used later as well, but I totally missed how she learned how to do this. It just went by so quickly.

This along with Elias turning into a white-haired version of Chise, but with a deeper but still feminine voice was a bit odd. Though, this show has always been a bit odd, so it should be expected.


If I were to start doing a rating system on this blog, something I should really think about doing, I would give this a 9/10. If it weren’t for some spots of strange pacing and confusing concepts, and those weird scenes with a looped clip and a song playing in the background, it’d be a 10. It was something I looked forward to weekly. I had German class during the time the dub released, but the minute I got home, I pulled my laptop out and grabbed a snack to watch the new episode.

I do think I enjoyed the first cour more, but this one was quite enjoyable still. I think I’ll understand it and appreciate it more the second time around.

Even in the times that the plot was lost on me, the artwork was nice to look at, and the dialogue was fun to listen to as well. I’m excited to rewatch this to string all of the plot points together.

I’m considering doing a character analysis on both Chise and Elias when I finish rewatching it, let me know if that would be something that would interest you! I like doing reviews/my thoughts on, but I love picking characters apart way more. I don’t do enough of those on this blog, and I really would love to do more.