I loved making my last list so I knew I wanted to make another! And of course I’ve found even more adorable comics that focus on the LGBT+ community. I know I didn’t say this before, but all of the comics I’ll recommend in any of these posts will be PG-13 rating or lower, since I’m not so fond of sexual content. Yeah, I’m old enough to handle it, but it just makes me immensely uncomfortable.

So, into the comics! I think I’ll do three recommendations for each post, since it’s a nice number to work with. But, in this one, I have something extra to share at the end.

If you missed the last one, which I did in September last year, you can read it here!

I also did a list of other good Webtoon comics in December, which can be read at this link!


A Featured comic on Webtoon by suspu

Screenshot (343)

This comic is about the zombie apocalypse. And the main cast is an all-girls basketball team. It’s awesome.

The episodes are pretty short, but sweet, and there are a lot of them. The comic has been complete for a while, so it’s a nice binge read. The characters are quite diverse, in both race and sexual orientation. Pretty much everyone in this comic is not straight, but that’s cool. I’ve seen complaints from people about this fact, but really it’s just the opposite of the norm. It’s refreshing for a change.

For the most part, it stays pretty lighthearted for a zombie story. And most of the time, it gets intense not because of the zombies. There are some important relationships shown throughout that effect the mood of the characters.

The team consists of Lyanna, Kayla, Chau, Hotaru, Lakka, Ana Sofia, and their coach, Jeff. Each one of them comes from a very different background, which is amazing to see in a comic. There’s insane diversity in this one. And acceptance too.

At this point, I read this probably half a year ago, I hardly remember details. What I do remember is cute relationships, badass female characters, and teamwork. My favorite character is Chau, she’s pretty awesome. She does this whole sweet talk thing when she’s up against a zombie or bad guy, then just nails them in the face, and it had me laughing every time.

Lyanna is pretty funny, she’s really into sports manga and is an overall dorky nerd, and she’s just really sweet. She’s also ace/aro, so no romantic interest for her!

I can’t really go through and describe every character, since I have other things to talk about.


A Discover comic on Webtoon by kukkiia

Screenshot (342)

I found this browsing through the Discover section on Webtoon, and it caught my eye. So I’m even more excited to promote this comic, it deserves more love and to make it onto the featured portion of Webtoon!

Callipus is being pursued by the police because he’s associated with a dangerous group, and while he’s running, Akimitsu assists him in escaping, and the two begin working together.

While the story hasn’t progressed enough for the main characters to form a romantic connection, the author has made it clear that it will eventually happen. In the meantime, there have been other themes present that make it fit on this list.

Callipus has a jarring experience in a club, where he’s physically harassed by other men, and it’s clear this isn’t the first time it’s happened. He has to have an operation done for the sake of the mission he’s on, but he gets a slew of nasty words and threats thrown at him in the process. It’s terrifying to read, as a forewarning, but Akimitsu helps him through it and during the scarring emotions he has afterward. This is an important scene in their development.

One chapter focuses on a nonbinary character, Keahi, and a gay character, Magnus, talking about the harassment they’ve been receiving while at work. They plan on leaving together to escape the bullying from their boss and find a workplace that won’t be as rude and discriminant toward them.

In another chapter, there’s focus on a trans woman and her relationship with another woman. Both characters are in their 40s, something that I’ve never really seen in this genre of comic. Most characters tend to be younger, and it was interesting to see a relationship between older characters.

It’s a fun sci-fi romance comic, overall.

Life Outside the Circle

A Featured comic on Webtoon by H-P Lehkonen

Screenshot (344)

This comic is definitely not perfect, but as it says in the summary on Webtoon, it’s heartwarming. I love that I’ve found a comic that portrays a more adult take on gay relationships, that isn’t solely focused on sex. The themes in this comic are very real, and while some jokes fall flat, it’s the heart that counts.

It takes place in the tranquil Finnish countryside, where Juha lives with his daughter, Maiju after he had a falling out with Krista, Maiju’s mother. He raises Maiju on his own, working as hard as he can to support the two of them as a single father. An artist from the city, who’s hardwired to the lifestyle of the technologically privileged, moves in next door. He needs help in moving, so Juha helps him, and though the two of them are so different, they become friends fairly quickly. Eventually, the neighbor, Sami, comes over and helps Juha with Majiu on a regular basis, and they grow closer and closer together.

In where this story is at, as I’m writing this, the plot is getting more serious, and things are going to be going much deeper. It’ll test each of these characters in making decisions that could put them outside their comfort zone. Big changes are going to happen, but they’ll work through it together. Even though these two haven’t been a couple for long as I’m writing this, they already have a good sense of communication, and I hope that this will remain as the story goes on. I hate the far too common plotpoint of excessive miscommunication. It happens in too many romance shows/comics/books. I just hope this comic stays away from that as much as it has been.

Overall, this is a sweet and fun comic.


In my first list of LGBT+ comics I mentioned the comic, Heartstopper. It was and still is my favorite comic. I’ve been supporting the author, Alice Oseman, on Patreon since September, and plan on continuing to do so.

But, I don’t want to talk about the comic again. I have more I could say, but at this point, all I should do is recommend it again. It’s such a cute, realistic love story. I look forward to a new page every day, and on the days there aren’t any new pages, I go back to previous ones and reread them. It’s a bit of an obsession now.

What I really want to talk about is this author’s books, both of which I’ve read now, and enjoyed excessively. When I wrote that other list, I hadn’t read either, but had intentions of doing so. Her first book is Solitaire, and her second is Radio Silence. A third book, I Was Born for This is coming out on May 3rd, and I have it preordered!

There are alternate covers for the first two, these are just the covers that I have.

Her books aren’t a series, but all events happen in the same city, and oftentimes characters overlap. Solitaire is most closely related to Heartstopper since the main characters in each are siblings. By this, I mean, the main character in Solitaire is Victoria (Tori) Spring, and one of Heartstopper’s main characters is her brother, Charlie. One of the main characters in Radio Silence is Charlie’s friend, Aled Last. It’s just unique to write like this. And it’s part of what makes this author stand out to me. Which is really why I’m writing this bit. I wanted to do a whole post on her books, but I realize it doesn’t fit with my blog, so this will have to do.

Alice Oseman is my favorite author. She’s not a well-known author, though, unfortunately. But, this makes it easy to interact with her. She’s constantly answering questions on tumblr, and when I sent her something, she responded in the same day. I’m also a part of a Discord server with about 80 people dedicated to her works. We put together this book of letters to send to her, and she should be receiving it soon. I never thought I’d be able to do this for an author I love, but now I have.

She’s a genuine person, and her stories and characters are so loved by her, it’s clear in the way she writes them. There are characters I relate to in other stories, but when I read something of hers, it’s a different kind of immersion. It’s something I can’t exactly describe, but I’ll try.

She always includes LGBT+ themes in her work, and her characters are always racially diverse. They also come from all kinds of familial backgrounds, have different statuses of mental health, and have different views on themselves and other people.

I’ll use one of the main characters of Radio Silence, for example. Aled isn’t technically the main character, his friend, Frances Janvier is. But much of the story is focused on him. And of all of her characters, though I love them all a lot, he’s my favorite, and the one I most relate to. He’s ambitiously creative, but also intelligent by book, and has an interesting sense of decor and fashion. It’s later revealed he’s in the ace-spectrum of sexuality, like me, and that really made me feel happy. It’s so rare to find books and other media that portray characters like this. Most characters are prone to falling in love with anyone, it’s assumed that the main male and female character in any story will be love interests. But that’s just not how people work. Not every person of the opposite sex is the one you’ve always been meant to fall in love with. You may not even want to fall in love. You may not be able to feel that sort of love. You may not even like the opposite sex. Or you’re more open to any gender.

I don’t experience the attraction most people do. It’s frustrating. That feeling of looking at an attractive person and imagining yourself being happily in a relationship with that person, or hugging that person, or kissing that person; that all is lost on me. I hear about it, and it doesn’t feel real to me that people have those kinds of thoughts. And it’s hard to explain to other people too.

But guess what? This character is similar to me. Not exactly, but he still deals with the same frustrating explanation.

And, the author is also similar to me. She drew a comic explaining how it feels to be in the ace-spectrum, and it spoke deeply to me. To see that other people do feel how I feel, it means a lot to me.

This is just one example of how her characters have reached me, but I could go on and on. If you have the chance, check out her books! The first two are on Amazon, and the third you can preorder on BookDepository, or Amazon if you’re in a country that has the book available to it. I’m in the US, and she’s from the UK, which makes obtaining her work a bit difficult sometimes. She made a small collection of art and mini-comics for Heartstopper, and it was about $20 including shipping. But it was still worth it to me.

You can also check out her tumblr, chronicintrovert.tumblr.com

I’ve had this list in the back of my mind for months. I haven’t been reading as many comics anymore, so it was hard for me to come up with this list. Which was why I added that little bonus section.

Also…tomorrow I’ll be releasing the first episode of my podcast! It’s only an intro episode, but it should be interesting, hopefully. I had fun recording it! Though, it was a bit weird to talk about myself in front of my laptop in my room, haha. I hope you enjoy it!