Anime: My Hero Academia

Character: Bakugou Katsuki

Series: My Hero Academia



  • newspaper
  • papier mache glue (I used flour and water mixed and boiled)
  • paintbrushes
  • balloons
  • duct tape
  • cardboard
  • craft foam (I used white and painted it)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • acrylics: dark green, silver, white
  • Glossy & Matte Mod Podge (I use this for every prop I make)
  • hot glue (lots of it)
  • Patience!!

The Base

I started this by blowing up two 12″ balloons (I got a pack of 12 from the dollar store), and placing one over a roll of duct tape and taping the balloon to it, to avoid movement. Mix up your papier mache glue, or just pour some into a bowl if you bought premade. For my glue, I used a recipe of 5 parts water and 1 part flour, dumped into a saucepan and boiled for a few minutes until it reaches a pudding-like consistency.


Cut the newspaper into strips about an inch or 1 1/2″ wide. I cut a ton before starting, because it’s no fun to use scissors with glue on your hands. I also found that using non-glossy ads from a newspaper work very well! They’re made from thicker paper, so the end product is much stronger. Normal newspaper works alright, but you’ll need to add supports to the inside of the base.

From there, begin placing overlapping strips until you have 2-3 layers of newspaper. It took me roughly 2-3 hours to make each gauntlet base. So, get ready for spending a long time on this part. Let dry overnight, and if it’s humid where you are, place a dehumidifier in the same room as the wet papier mache.


After this, pop the balloon and remove any excess pieces that may have stuck to the inside of the base. Cut a bit off the top and bottom to smooth the edges. If there are any tears, glue more newspaper over the tear. Cut a square shape out of the top, as shown in the picture. This doesn’t need to be exact. I didn’t measure for most of this project, and while it has some downfalls, the overall product will still work. I’ll explain what I did wrong at the end of this.

Paint the whole thing in white acrylic, then in green acrylic, and finish off with a matte Mod Podge. This ensures the paint won’t chip, give it water resistance, and makes it a bit sturdier.


If your base is a bit wobbly or feels a bit thin, add some cardboard reinforcements to the inside. It’ll ensure the shape and will give more support.

The Designs

For the square design, I cut some pieces of foam roughly the same size and painted them a lighter green than the base. I put glossy Mod Podge over these to make them stand out more. You’ll need roughly 20 squares for each gauntlet. To attach, use some hot glue around the edges of each square and secure them in the design you choose. In the way I did it, it looks a bit off, but this is because of the curvature of the base. I’m not sure how to get the squares to be even, but when all is said and done, it doesn’t look half bad.

Ha, you can see my Princess Mononoke mask in the background.

The trim is thin strips of foam painted silver and a glossy Mod Podge coating. I did two coats of silver paint to make it stand out. Again, this is hot glued on.


You have these awesome gauntlets now, but how do you put them on? I had no idea when I was making this, so I adapted the concept from this video.

I had a much different base from this person’s version, so I still had to figure some things out on my own.

I started by measuring the circumference of the base, then did some math to determine the diameter. I drew a line on some cardboard to make a guide for the circle, then used the trashcan I have in my room to trace a circle. This gives you a nice cardboard circle, but no hole to put your arm through. I measured my friend’s arm, then did the same math to find the diameter, and cut a hole based on that. After some tries of putting her arm through it, we found the right size. I tested the circle in the base by folding it in half and gently sliding it in place. It didn’t work at first, so I trimmed it down until it fit snugly. Knowing that it fit now, I put a thin strip of foam around the circle that’ll be against the arm and duct taped that in place. Repeat these steps twice to have three circles in total. Place each in separately and tape to the walls of the base. Then when placing another in, duct tape those together to make it like one larger circle.

This method makes for a pretty solid hold. You may need to duct tape more if it’s too wobbly though. I wouldn’t recommend whipping your arms around while wearing them, since they’d likely fall off, but just walking around they work just fine.

After fastening everything, I gave the inside a coat of the dark green paint to hide the cardboard.

(for some reason I forgot to take photos of this, I apologize!)

What Did I Do Wrong?

I made the mistake of waiting in between starting each base, so my second base turned out smaller than the first one. I fixed this with some cardboard glued to the bottom, but it’d be best if this was avoided by doing both bases at once. I’d blown up the second balloon, but let it sit for over a month, so the air leaked out a bit. I figured this would happen, but didn’t do anything about it, so really it’s my fault.


I didn’t do all of my research before starting. I generally use the least amount of tutorials I can, but this one was challenging, so I should’ve done research beforehand.

The second gauntlet ended up looking a bit small and was a different shade because I ran out of the first shade of paint I had. I couldn’t get the same shade because the paint I used was from my dad’s collection from when he did art in high school. I should’ve just bought my own paint so everything matches, but I didn’t think that far ahead.

I also decided not to include the extra detail of the grenade pins, since I was running out of time and needed to get these done. I may try to include these for a different convention.

The Finished Products!

I included the boots as well, and I’ll be including how to make these in a separate post. I’m pretty happy with these results!

Haven’t done a tutorial in a while! It’s such a nice and easy post to write up, and I hope it helps people out! I did this part separate from the main outfit just because it’s such a process to make these. The other part should be out shortly, though. And I’ll have one for my Todoroki cosplay as well. Later cosplays this year may also have tutorials, though more so for products I used.

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