Before I get into this, I want to explain that I’ve never played the game, so this is going based solely on how it does as a standalone anime.

In beginning to watch this, the very first thing I thought of was how beautiful the main character is. Weird place to start, I know, but that was my very first impression. He has plain features: messy black hair, gray eyes, glasses, but somehow in the way he shows expression he comes off as adorable to me.

That’s over with, so I’ll move onto more reasonable topics. It was a weirdly big reason to get me to watch this, haha.

I initially enjoyed this show a lot. It was bizarre and held my attention so I could understand better what was going on.

But then the main female character, Ann, got a spandex suit for her Persona and there was that awful CGI in episode four, and I’m starting to not care as much. I like the idea and all, I like the whole aesthetic of it, but there’s something off about it for me.

I like the idea of the time jumps, between three different points: when Ren is imprisoned, when Ren’s being questioned, and the story of how it all happens. It’s not too confusing, which I was worried about initially when I first saw it’d be jumping between.

The soundtrack and art style are incredible, as I said the aesthetic is pleasing, and I know from the little bit I’ve seen of the game that it matches to that. But since it is based on a game, I can see where some bits get a bit awkward because there’s nobody controlling what’s going on. The fight scenes are easy to zone out during, I never really know what’s happening, I just look at the Personas, which are pretty cool.

Screenshot (376)

The biggest sign of this being from a video game that makes fight scenes fall flat is every time Ren uses his Persona, a still image of him is shown. It makes you feel like you’re playing a game. But you’re not, so it just kinda feels off to me. I don’t think they should have included that, I get kinda disappointed every time I see it.

And then there’s the way Ann is treated, not even in the times she’s a victim. I actually groaned when I saw her outfit for her Persona. It’s a leather cat suit, on a fifteen-year-old girl. There are worse things I’ve seen in anime toward this age an gender, but it doesn’t make this okay. The guys get these cool outfits with masks and they just overall look awesome. But she just gets this skintight suit and cat ears. I like Ann, and I just wish she was given something more than this.

Screenshot (375)

Overall, I like the story, and the dimension hopping is interesting. Majority of the show is good, I just wish certain things were just a tiny bit better. I had high hopes for this show, but it’s fallen a bit flat for me. It’s not something I get excited for on Saturday anymore, and I tend to put it off until later in the week. For the first three episodes I watched as soon as I realized it was out, but these more recent ones I’ve been putting off. Majority of the time when I watch seasonal anime, I watch it as soon as I know it’s out. And if I don’t it’s just because I forgot, not that I’m intentionally putting it off.

Luckily episode 6 was really good, and I think this is because there was no fighting in it. But, I’m interested in what this upcoming arc will hold. It seems like it’ll be much more interesting than the first arc, and something I’m far more interested, so I have my hopes up.

All in all, it’s not an awful show. It is far from perfect or even great, and it’s just a small bit of a disappointment. If I were to give it a rating now, it’d probably be a 7/10. Enjoyable enough that it doesn’t fail.

**This is probably my shortest review I’ve written in a long time, I just didn’t have a ton to say about this**

I’m still not all into writing my blog posts yet, trying to get more sleep and take care of myself before trying to keep this up again. I have a ton of things I want to read and watch but all I want to do is chat with online friends, so I’m trying to balance things out better as well.

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