I’ve been MIA for months now, and I’ve been very aware of it.

This initially was due to school ending, and my lack of motivation from that. Then school was over and I had a convention coming up, so my effort was dedicated to cosplay. After that, I had fanfiction writing events I was participating in, and after that, more cosplay work.

This made me realize that my passion for blogging had dwindled away. I was a bit aware of this nearing the beginning of my hiatus. I was bored of writing reviews just so I could put something out there, and pushing off all of my more analytical posts.

I’ve decided now that I won’t have a schedule for blogging anymore. I’ll write something if I want to, rather than making myself write.

This means I won’t be doing reviews anymore. I’ll likely stick to cosplay posts, recommendation lists, analysis pieces, and my OWLS posts. I’m not sure where this puts the podcast I started, I may still do some things on there as well, but again, no schedule. I’m tired of beating myself up over not posting.

Hope everyone understands! I simply can’t keep up something I’m not enjoying.