I am a current member of the group OWLS, which is a team of anime lovers who strive to spread our love of anime and people to all. We are not prejudice against anybody’s gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or anything in between. We’re basically just nice people who love anime. We do a blog tour every month regarding a specific theme. I have been participating since June, and hopefully with participate every month from now on.

If you want to know about me specifically:

I love anime, especially those with pretty art

I am in high school and college as a part of a special program

I write fictional stories on my free time

I am an enthusiast of all things medieval

I have been a vegetarian since I was a toddler, though I don’t have any strong opinions regarding it

I like to dye my hair fun colors, so far I’ve done light blue, orchid, dark purple, and teal, and soon I’ll probably do indigo

I did dance (jazz mainly) in elementary school and have recently been tuning my skills a bit

I may have a bit of a poster and T-shirt addiction

I love to cosplay, and you can see two of the tutorials on my blog under the “cosplay” category

I like listening to pop punk music, which sounds weird but I’m sure you’ve heard some of it before

I have never owned an Apple product in my life (parents are against for reasons unknown)

I have been blogging for a bit over a year and hope to continue for as long as possible

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Twitter: @letstalkanime1