The number next to the show title is the last episode I watched if I remember which one it was.

  1. Death Note (21)
  2. Heroic Legend of Arslan (7)
  3. Steins; Gate (11)
  4. Guilty Crown (All but last 2)
  5. Mekakucity Actors (10)
  6. Fairy Tail (95)
  7. Bleach (65)
  8. Golden Time
  9. Clannad (Finished main series, stopped halfway through After Story)
  10. Free Eternal Summer (2)
  11. Seraph of the End (16)
  12. Natsume’s Book of Friends (2)
  13. Flying Witch (4)
  14. Code:Realize (2)

Okay, so this list isn’t supposed to draw you away from the show I promise. I’m sure some of these are great shows, just not my type. I give a reason as to why I stopped watching them down below.

Death Note I knew who died so it just kind of lost its charm. Arslan I liked the art style and concept, but with all of the different kingdoms I got confused. And with Steins; Gate, I got confused with all of the different science terminology and the different people. Guilty Crown I knew what happened in the end so I thought it was pointless to continue, plus it got weird at the end. Mekakucity Actors, I honestly have no idea why I forgot about it. Fairy Tail became boring to me, same with Bleach. Plus I can’t stand unreasonably long arcs, the reason why I’ve never watched Dragon Ball Z. Golden Time I don’t really remember why I stopped watching it. Clannad I knew when it would get sad because I saw the movie, and I really didn’t want to cry even harder than I did during that. Free got annoying to me because of the fan service, I’m sorry. Yeah, I should love it cause muscly men but I’m just not into that kind of stuff. Seraph of the End was good for like maybe five episodes but I got so sick of the main characters I just ended up giving up. I really wanted to like it but it just got so boring to me.

Natsume’s Book of Friends definitely intrigued me, but I couldn’t see myself getting into it enough to watch so many episodes. I never do well with high episode count anime, so this didn’t shock me that I dropped it.

Flying Witch seemed like it would be more interesting than it was. I ended up completely ignoring it. So, no point in watching it anymore.