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[OWLS Blog Tour: “Mentor”] Competition and Teaching on the Court: Haikyuu!! — 07/20/2018

[OWLS Blog Tour: “Mentor”] Competition and Teaching on the Court: Haikyuu!!

Long time no see! This month we OWLS are looking at the impact that teachers, whether it be academic or in skill, have on people. I was the one who requested this topic, and it seems that everyone has been enjoying it thus far!

Throughout our lives, we might have encountered someone that we admired as a role model or has guided us in some life dilemma. This mentor could be a teacher at school, a coach, a boss or team leader at work, or a family friend. Whoever it is that person impacted your life in a positive manner. For this month’s OWLS topic, we will be writing about mentors or mentorships in anime and other pop culture media. Some topics we will be exploring include how a mentorship impacted a main character’s life, the types of mentor relationships a person could have, and/or personal stories about mentors or mentorships.

Majority of anime characters have a sort of mentor, or teacher, in their life, so picking an anime to focus on for this month was hard. So many choices! I initially wanted to focus on The Ancient Magus’ Bride, but someone beat me to it. Though I finally snagged Haikyuu after wanting to write on it for so many months!

When the Student Surpasses the Teacher


The first dynamic I thought of when looking at this prompt was between Oikawa and Kageyama. I always found the way they interacted interesting. They have this ongoing competition throughout the series, just between the two of them. There have been times that they ignored what was going on with the rest of their teammates just to focus on beating each other.

In middle school, Oikawa and Kageyama were on the same team for one year. Oikawa was clearly very talented, and Kageyama would watch in awe as he improved his serves as the year went on. Kageyama wanted to learn from Oikawa, but he was already so talented, to the point where he could be considered a prodigy, that Oikawa was jealous and didn’t want to teach Kageyama anything. Still, Kageyama would watch and learn from Oikawa, until he became so talented as a setter that he could easily surpass Oikawa.


Without having Oikawa as an example for Kageyama, he may never have become the powerful “king of the court” that he is.

The Impressive Middle Blocker Never had a Mentor?

Looking in the opposite direction of this topic, what happens when someone with raw talent never has someone to improve their skills?


Hinata easily was the most passionate and talented kid in his middle school when it came to volleyball. But there was hardly a team, let alone a coach who could teach the team to improve on their skills. Hinata had to find people outside of his age group to play with, and had to practically teach himself all he knows about the sport.

When he entered Karasuno, he was subpar compared to the others, having never played on a real team and didn’t know how to work with the others. He fumbled a lot in the beginning, but in the end, I think it was Kageyama that helped him through it. When they began working together as the “freak duo” and taught themselves their special quick, Hinata began to understand the sport better.


Though he still never had the mentor the others did, he still had the talent to get him through the rough patches at first.

Training Camp! Training Camp!

I couldn’t talk about improving through those better than you without mentioning the training camp arc in season two, my favorite part in the whole series.

In this arc, characters from three different teams learn from each other to improve their skills. Karasuno, Nekoma, and Fukurodani members played against each other to see where their strengths and weaknesses were, so then the teams could improve on those certain areas before the big tournament in the spring.

Our main characters who wanted to get better were Hinata, Lev, and Tsukishima, who were learning from Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi.


Hinata had a falling out with Kageyama after their team lost to Seijoh in the previous tournament, and he blamed himself for the team’s loss. Since then, they hadn’t been able to work together to do their special quick, and the team had been suffering in every game they played. Hinata and Kageyama decided to split up for the time being and train on their own to recuperate, and then come back together to improve on their quick when their focus was back.

Lev was a new team member, who was assumed to be a great addition to Nekoma due to his height, but he had little to no experience and fumbled through all of the motions of their games. By attending these smaller training sessions with the captain of his team and members of the famous Fukurodani, he was able to get a better grasp on the game and what his part in it is.

Tsukishima had been questioning why he even decided to join volleyball, and participated in these little sessions to see if he could find that reason. Bokuto told him that there was always a special moment for everyone that gave them a sense of adrenaline and made them realize why this sport was great. Tsukishima’s change didn’t occur until season three during the game with Shiratorizawa, when he finally had the moment that Bokuto had mentioned. Without going through the training, he would have never found purpose in playing volleyball, and likely would have quit.

Real Life Experience

I’ve never played in a sport, but I did take dance when I was young. Even now, seven years after my last dance lesson, I still have much of the knowledge my instructor taught me, and I can somewhat choreograph routines (though I don’t know if they’re very good). Teachers are a vital part of our lives, whether they are someone who has been trained to teach a skill or if they just have a lot of experience in that area. Without people who already are knowledgeable in a skill we want to improve, we’d all have a hard time getting anything done.

Funny thing, I found out that today is Oikawa’s birthday! I didn’t even plan that, but I guess it all worked out that I decided on this anime to discuss on this day.


If anyone missed it, I wrote a little blog update yesterday to explain the status of my blog as it is now. I will still be doing an OWLS post every month, unless a topic truly stumps me.

Hope you enjoyed my stop on this tour, I kind of wish I took this one more seriously and went more in depth, since this was my topic, but oh well. Cosplay has been taking up a lot of my time recently.

Check out Mel’s post from yesterday and Dylan‘s video tomorrow!

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Thirty — 04/15/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Thirty

I’ve finally made it to the end of this challenge. Thirty days after posting my review of season three. Roughly.

I’m sort of sad that I won’t be able to babble about my volleyball boys every day anymore. This has been a lot of fun, even if some questions were unfair and others were just hard to answer. It all comes down to this last prompt.

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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-nine — 04/14/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-nine

Which Character Would You Choose to have on Your Team?

Oh man, I have no idea. I’m going to assume this means characters, not character, since one character can’t make up a whole team. And I’m going to just choose the six + libero to make it easy on myself.

Captain: Oikawa Tooru

Setter: Kozume Kenma

Middle Blocker: Tsukishima Kei

Wing Spiker: Iwaizumi Hajime

Ace: Bokuto Koutarou

Server: Yamaguchi Tadashi

Libero: Nishinoya Yuu

And, I would be the manager, because it would be horrible if I tried playing, as I explained in the previous post.

I really never thought about this before, so I just kind of stuck with characters I like watching. I didn’t really take into consideration if they’d work together well. If I had more time, I’d think harder and take personality and stats into account as well. But, I have more I need to write for next week. And tomorrow’s post will likely be long for this challenge! It is the last post for this challenge.

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-eight — 04/13/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-eight

**I apologize for taking another day off from this yesterday. It was nearly 10 pm by the time I remembered to this and I wasn’t in the mood to write it.**

Which Position Would You Play?

I shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a volleyball. The last time I did, all rules left my head and I made myself look like an idiot.

I don’t do well in any sort of game involving a ball. When we had gym class in elementary and middle school, if I even attempted to contribute to the game, I’d get the stink eye from a boy who was way too into it, and in the heat of the moment, I’d do something wrong. The only time I ever remember playing volleyball in school, I stayed planted in my spot, would serve when I had to, and purposefully avoided touching the ball.

I never liked playing sports anyway, but my classmates ruined any sort of hope I had to play anything.

So, in the sense of this question, I would prefer not to play at all. I’d want to be the manager, really. I think that’d be fun! I’m just going to say manager counts in this question just so I have an answer at all.

In a perfect world where I actually enjoy participating in sports and am good at it, I’d be the setter. No shock there, really. Or the pinch server like Yamaguchi. It’d be easier to focus on honing one skill rather than many.

The only sport I’ll ever do is dance, or ice skating if I could get good enough. I’m flexible, but I have no strength in my arms. My legs are all I have going for me.

Finally, there are only two left to go! I remember being all optimistic at the beginning of this that I’d get them out every day as promised, but my laziness and other life things got in the way of that. But I’m glad I’ve had something to write every day when I can.

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven — 04/11/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

Favorite Quote

I kind of used this already when I did the 30 Day Anime Challenge in December, but here’s my very favorite quote, from (no surprise) Kenma.

I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them.


It’s not exactly inspirational or iconic, but it’s something I struggle with on a daily basis. It’s not so easy to have to explain to someone that you’re too nervous to even go up to a cashier and ask a question. And I’ve been that cashier too. It’s always a problem for me to talk to other people unless I’ve known them for years, and even then, sometimes it’s difficult. People I’ve gone to school with since I was five still intimidate me because they don’t know me well enough and I don’t know them well enough either.

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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-six — 04/09/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-six

Scene You Enjoyed the Most

This one is really hard, but I do have an answer. I love a lot of scenes in this show, exactly the reason why I’ve rewatched some of it already.

The one scene that always makes me happy is the barbeque scene with Karasuno, Nekoma, and Fukurodani. This didn’t shock me at all that this was my pick, since my favorite scene in Yuri!!! on Ice was in episode 10 when all of the finalists had dinner together. Though these people are competitors, there’s no reason they can’t get along and be friends.

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30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-five — 04/08/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-five

Scene that Hurt You the Most

Why? Why does this have to be a prompt? I knew exactly what scene I’d need to talk about for this, but I had to go back and find exactly what the context was to really write about it. It hurt so bad to watch it again.

Season 2: Episode 5 (Greed), near the end of the episode, around the 17-minute mark.

Hinata asks Kageyama to toss to him, so they can strengthen their freak quick again. After losing to Seijoh during the tournament, their quick had never gone back to normal. They each blamed themselves for the losing point, and in turn, it ruined the partnership they’d built up until this point. Hinata screwed up during a practice match and nearly hurt himself and Asahi in the process. He becomes determined to hit that quick again. But when Kageyama tries to toss to him, he’s not even close to hitting the ball every time.

Kageyama tells him to stop, and to start practicing something smaller and easier to handle. It’d be easier to practice a basic quick and get that down first before going onto something harder again. Hinata isn’t hearing any of it, and is sure if he just keeps going he’ll eventually get it.

This leads to a fight. The worst fight I’ve ever seen them have. Worse than anything they’d experienced even when they were sworn rivals. Yachi witnesses it and tried to break it up, but they just keep going. Kageyama throws Hinata twice, Hinata grabs at Kageyama’s face and screams at him. It’s awful.

Tanaka has to interfere to really break it up, and the aftermath of this lasts for quite a while after.

This scene was the one that nearly brought me to tears. I had become so fond of the trust and friendship Kageyama and Hinata had built up in season one, but that loss shattered everything. It takes a while for it to heal, I think it’s until about midway through season two. This one fight doesn’t even just affect them, but also the team’s performance throughout the whole training arc. The team isn’t as strong without their freak duo, and it really shows.

Even before I knew all of this, this scene was something that really hit me. To get that physical because of a disagreement is awful. Yeah, these two are known to argue, but it’s generally just teasing. Nothing worse than a few prodding words. This could have ended in injury if it went on longer. Their friendship is something I really love seeing evolve throughout the series. To have it derailed so quickly was heartbreaking.

My Haikyu challenge may be a little screwy this week, with 2 standardized tests and orientation for a new job. I’ll try to get them out every day, but I can’t make promises. I apologize in advance if it does end up that way.

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-four — 04/06/2018

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-four

Favorite Team Cheer

I’ve never though about this before. And I’m also not sure how to fill a whole post about this. It’s like that uniform design post I had to do.

The one that always gets stuck in my head is the Dateko one. But I really like the Karasuno one. I think I like it the most because it’s only there for season three. It was cool for the team to finally have supporters present at the match, and it was so awesome to hear the chant in the background. So, it’s not my favorite due to the words, but the meaning behind the chant even being there.


They finally got their school to care enough to watch their game. It felt like nobody cared about Karasuno before season three, but this was something that pushed them and encouraged them to do their very best.

30 Day Haikyu!! Challenge: Day Twenty-three — 04/05/2018